Celebrating Cabbage Path Kids 30th Anniversary

Thirty years ago my mother began her day at an absurdly early hour to stand in a line at our local Toys “R” Us to purchase the most coveted toy of the season: a Cabbage Patch Kid.  Her recollection of the 1983 pre-holiday Cabbage Patch Kid craze is quite amusing.  A stranger approached my mother asking “are you one of us?” and then tried to link arms in hopes of forming a human chain to keep the hoards of women arriving on charter buses away from the front of the toy store line.  My mother managed to make her way inside the store, was given one ticket to purchase a Cabbage Patch Kid and was told to run.  My mother said that her sister (my Tia Isa) went through something similar in Florida to purchase one for my brother.  Needles to say, my brother and I were extremely happy on Christmas morning, and Margot Lilly immediately became one of my most beloved childhood toys.

When my family was invited to celebrate Cabbage Patch Kids 30th Anniversary at the Eventi Hotel in NYC, my husband and I were so excited to expose our kids to something that was so reminiscent of our own childhoods.  It was truly the ultimate Cabbage Patch Kid experience.  Children were greeted with care-bags to fill with trinkets for their soon-to-be-adopted Cabbage Patch Kids, before walking through a gallery showcasing 30 years of Cabbage Patch Kids.  They were then greeting by a “nurse” in classic CPK logo scrubs to help adopt their very own Cabbage Patch Kid.   Lucia and Adrian were thrilled with their new Celebration Kids and patiently waited to officially meet them and an opening station:

cabbage patch kids 30th anniversary

We then moved through several stations of fun activities.  The kids took an oath of promise to care for their Cabbage Patch Kids (the cutest thing ever!).  They also learned how to change diapers, and went through an official birth certificate station, a story telling area, and hair and stick-on gem station.  Guests had the chance to take photos with a giant cabbage patch kid (my son was a bit terrified, and I don’t blame him!), and have photos taken on a cabbage couch.  They even had the chance to adopt a Cabbage Patch Kids Cutie, a small version of  the doll donning a sweet animal costume.  My favorite part came when the chorus of excited little ones sang Happy Birthday to the Cabbage Patch Kids.

Cabbage Patch Kids 30th Anniversary #CPK30th

An air of nostalgia definitely swept the room.  Although some things have changed, (the yarn hair has been replaced with synthetic hair with funky streaks) so much is still the same.  The updated version still comes with adoption papers, a birth certificate, the same outie-belly button and the iconic powder fresh scent.

Cabbage Patch Kids 30th Anniversary #CPK30th #CabbagePatchKids30th

For more information, please visit www.cabbagepatchkids.com

 Although my children were provided with Cabbage Patch Kids products at the event, I was not obligated to write this post.  All opinions are strictly my own.



  1. Wow! I can’t believe it’s been 30 years! I still remember my beautiful Oriola. I was so psyched to get her, a Koosa, and a Cabbage Patch Pony.

    Thanks for the memories!

  2. I LOVED my cabbage patch doll! Mine was Jenny and she was straight from the 80s too! 🙂 Thanks for bringing back some fond memories!

    • So many of my friends remember their cabbage patch kid name too! I like to tease my husband because he thought that his was named Xavier Roberts!

  3. Yikes-can’t believe they’ve been around for 30 years! Marcelle Diane was mine:)

  4. What a fantastic throwback! Lisette Grace was my dolls name. I prefer the yarn heads to the new ones. How cute are your kids!!!

  5. I love your mom’s story of buying the first Cabbage Patch Dolls! I just turned 30 last week myself, and I also have a Cabbage Patch memory: I was 5 years old in 1989 when my family moved from the UK to America, and I had a Cabbage Patch ring that I was wearing on the flight. There was a brief moment of panic when I lost my ring, but my Mom and I realized that I had taken it off in the airplane bathroom, so we retrieved it. I also had my Foofur dog with me on the flight, so this story could not be any more ’80s if I tried, hahahahaha!!!

  6. Hard to believe they’re 30 years old already!! The pictures are great, & your little ones look perfectly content with their role as caregiver. 🙂

  7. I loved these!!! My mom just reminded me of the box filled with my old toys that’s sitting in her crawl space…Cabbage Patch Kids, My Little Pony, and my fave…JEM!!!

  8. I adored my Cabbage Patch kid. It was my most beloved childhood toy. I prefer the ones from our generation much more!

  9. What a blast from the past! This looks like a fun event too.

  10. Rosa Colon says

    I loved my cabbage patch kid more than any toy thank ever had! I bet it was cool for the parents to take their kids to something like this. Nice story too.

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