The 2013 Barbie Dreamhouse {Sponsored}

Casa Marino recently had a significant toy-overhaul in preparation for something big (really big!).  Upon learning that Barbie’s new 2013 Dreamhouse would be taking residence in our home, we encouraged Lucia to gather some of her toys to donate.  As she packed up her old dollhouses with chubby figurines – they suddenly seemed appropriate for toddlers and not a girl soon entering the first grade.  And while she waited for the day that the delivery man would ring, I felt as if I understood her childhood excitement.  As a little girl, Barbie’s Dreamhouse was the sort of thing that I circled in toy catalogs – to say Lucia (and her little brother) were enamored when the gigantic package arrived is an understatement.

Since assembly (which requires time and patience!), the modern three story, 3-1/2 foot luxury Dreamhouse has not gone untouched while little people are home.  Among other amenities, Barbie’s newly renovated Dreamhouse boasts six rooms, “stainless steel” appliances, two functional pull-string elevators, lights and sound effects galore, and over 50 pieces of included accessories.

Photographer DennisStylist Cheryl JoLucia’s play is shifting and becoming more sophisticated.  She gravitates towards toys with movable parts and accessories. Lucia loves playing with the interchangeable pieces, and the design incorporates a mechanism for keeping all of the tiny elements secure.  A swirling decorative lattice is woven through every room (and shelving unit), functioning as a surface to secure interchangeable parts.  The tabletop has tiny spots to mount dining essentials and little loops for Barbie to hold accessories on her own.

Barbie Dreamhouse 2013

The included puppy and many kitchen accessories are regularly played with.  With the touch of a button, the blender has sound effects and the oven lights up.  These little details are the sort of things that my children adore.

playing with barbie Dream House 2013

To Lucia’s delight the toilet makes a flushing sound – which is perhaps her favorite element!  The bathroom is also loaded with surprises.  Barbie serenades her little guests when she enters the shower and steps on her bathmat.  Even her bathroom vanity has sound effects.

Barbie Dream House Bathroom

When I was first invited to work with Barbie, I realized how much my parenting philosophies have changed as Lucia has grown. Although I played with Barbie dolls and even saved my hand-me-down Barbie collection to pass on to my own daughter – I had very different ideals when I first gave birth to a girl.  I once imagined shielding Lucia from Barbie, and many other toys marketed to young girls. Living through each moment, and watching my baby become an incredibly imaginative girl, shifted my seemingly narrow perspective.  Barbie and her new Dreamhouse have been vehicles for cultivating highly creative play and elaborate storylines.  I have observed Lucia working out her emotions as her Barbie dolls take on characters and explore different roles within the 6-room house.  Sometimes they sound exactly like me (gasp!) and sometimes they help Lucia work out her fears in a safe context.  Barbie often looks in her vanity mirror, as her friends assure her that it’s OK to feel scared about loosing at tooth.  And while Lucia loves to dress and admire her Barbies and accessories, the dolls also spend time in the dressing room cultivating dreams.  The Barbies are currently co-authoring a novel (about magical unicorns) on their folding laptop.  I can’t wait to hear it.  Barbie’s wardrobe elevator transports garments for quick costume changes between the dressing room and bathroom, but it is also utilized by the pet dog who dispenses home cooked meals for everyone to share.

2013 Barbie Dreamhouse_edited-1

Under Lucia’s care, Barbie’s central elevator often transforms into a magical rocket ship that propels (vintage) Barbie into neighboring planets.

Barbie Dreamhouse 2013 #barbieismoving

astronaut barbie

I imagine many years of childhood dreams brewed inside this big pink house.

The Barbie Dreamhouse can be purchased at Walmart and retail stores nationwide for $184.99 (MSRP).



I was selected to participate in this sponsored campaign for One2One Network.  I received monetary compensation and the above product to facilitate this post, however all opinions stated are my own. 



  1. A rocket to propel the pets, I love it!! My son’s play has become more sophisticated too, though he’s made the big switch over to Lego’s more than anything else (ugh, Legos). He’s really good though, at building his own creations, so who am I to thwart creativity? We got him a big set for his birthday tomorrow, his first one of good size.

    I love this Barbie house. I wanted one in THE worst way when I was kid but it never happened. I’m going to have to talk to my mom about that the next time we chat. 😉

  2. I wish there was this kind of thing when I was growing up! I had always wanted a Barbie house when I was a kid

  3. This brings back memories to when I was little, with only boys in the house now there is little chance I will see one of these in action any time soon ;(

  4. Oh man, Avery is already asking for this! I flat out said, “no”. She is too young, and not old enough to understand donating her old toys (which is what she will have to do to make room for this mansion). Also, like you say, Barbie encourages a more sophisticated level of play, and also more skilled hands to change those clothes! Maybe when she is 5. I know what you mean about changing, or adapting, your early ideals as the kids grow. I used to be against gender-specific toys, but soon realized that Jet had no interest in dolls whatsoever, and Avery has never cared for cars or trains in the least. Too funny! I am thankful for building toys though, those have proven universal in our house.

    • I’ve tried having Adrian begin to work through letting go of toys too – and he is way too young to understand. Lucia was able to at the age of 4 – thanks to the power of the internet – I was able to show her images of kids receiving toys from Loving Hugs Inc. – and that made it click for her. It was important to us to have her let go of a lot of things because this great present came in August. And while we are grateful that she was able to be a toy tester – it was a huge Christmas in August for us. We have to plant the seeds of gratitude constantly. And it is so funny to me to look back on how my parenting philosophies change as my kids grow. Lucia Love loves all things pink, poofy, Barbie, and princess-like, but she also loves dirt, science and other things. I’m happy to let my kids be who they are and like what they want to like. And of-course talk about how we should change the ending of a story if it sucks! xxx

  5. I am SOOO jealous! I was a huge huge Barbie fanatic as a girl. I would have been in heaven with a dream house like that! That is an incredible base for creative play, it looks like your daughter is having a blast!

  6. My niece would flip out for this Barbie house! Good thing her birthday is in a few months… 🙂

  7. Wow, this dreamhouse is MUCH fancier than the one I had as a kid growing up in the 90s. It was a two-story home with a crank elevator that didn’t work so well, so I guess Barbie has moved up in the world since then. No more getting stuck in the elevator! 😉

    I really love your parenting approach with Lucia, especially with teaching her how to donate some of her own toys when she is blessed enough to receive a grand toy like this one. She seems like a very sweet little girl with generosity and a big imagination!

  8. My girls love Barbie and I am always amazed at the stories they create.

  9. Every little girl’s dream is to own the Barbie dream house. I know my daughter would love to have1

  10. I know my 6 year old would love this Barbie “Dream” House lol.. I remember playing with Barbie and all the little figurines and clothes, I had a massive collection of Barbie’s and I remember my “Dream” House lol

  11. The new Barbie Dreamhouse is AMAZING! My daughters would absolutely love it.

  12. christy karch says

    OMGosh!! The Barbie house has really changed since I was little. Thats so cool to see all the amenities that Barbie has gotten used too, in my days she was lucky to have a bed and closet:)

  13. your kids’ play sounds so much like mine!! i, too, was worried about barbie but my kids don’t seem to actually care what the dolls look like (they want to brush the hair, and make ponytails) only that they can make them BE whatever they want. big relief. and of course the book is about magical unicorns. i hope they slide on rainbows!

  14. Wow, that is one heck of a dollhouse! Could spend hours in here.

  15. When I was little, I used to play with Barbies! Now my oldest daughter, who is 7, LOVES Barbies. I would LOVE to get her a dollhouse like that one.

  16. WOW! This looks like something my sisters would have had when they were younger.

    Also, what does everyone think about Barbie getting a facelift recently to be more “realistic.” ?

  17. Oh man this is making me wish I had a little girl! How fun. I love the idea of having her pack up her old toys to make room for a new one.

  18. I love the fact that you are teaching your daughter to give as she receives! Love the Barbie house! I remember playing with my Barbies all day as a child! My biggest Barbie toy was a camper…I would have LOVED this house!!

  19. That.Is.Amazing. My 4 year old would LOVE that!

  20. Wow! They look so beautiful! Wish I can go back in time and play. Coming to think of it, there is a child tucked in us always and we can play with our kids, nay for me may be grand child in a few years 🙂

  21. Wow! My 3 girls would LOVE that house! I can’t believe everything it has to offer, that’s amazing. My girls just got into legos but are still collecting Barbies like crazy.

  22. I so loved it for my girl. That is pretty cool and really entertaining.

  23. My niece would love this! And she’s getting to the age where she can enjoy it too. It’s no suprise Barbie has been around as long as she has.

  24. Wow! That’s the coolest doll house I have ever seen 😀 I’m sure my daughter would like one like that.

  25. Even with her unrealistic body shape, the Barbie doll is still a good toy and can teach many lessons including fine motor skills, planning and organization.

  26. I have boys but this brings back memories of my wanting my own Barbie Dream House!

  27. OMG.. I have to hide this post from my daughter.. she is 5 and a BIG BIG BIG …did I say BIG Barbie fan… She has been dying to get a barbie house and well.. I may break down and get this for Christmas.. it looks like a lot of fun and hours of entertainment. Great review, thanks for sharing

  28. Wow, I can’t believe how many details there are in this, and I have to giggle about the toilet. What child wouldn’t love that?

  29. This dreamhouse really is a dream! It is gorgeous! I am loving all of the accessories, and the sound effects. I am sure it really helps with pretend play, in many areas. The dreamhouse has definitely come a long way, and in a positive way!

  30. I wasn’t much of a girly girl when I was little. I didn’t get my first Barbie until I was 13, but I’m obsessed with her – and I can’t wait to get a Dreamhouse to play with my 4 year old daughter who is just getting into Barbie!

  31. I so would love to have one of these for my girls! I hope they go on sale!

  32. It looks so cute!
    I want to be a young girl again,I loved playing with dolls when was young.I would buy for my girls too.

  33. I just had a baby girl and seriously cannot wait until she old enough to play with Barbies! This makes me even more excited. My Barbie dream house had yellow floors and an orange roof! Ick! Of course, I put in rugs and drapes! 🙂

  34. Wow! That is sooooo awesome!!! I bet your daughter loved it!

  35. Wow! Is it just me or is Barbie’s Dreamhouse just getting bigger and bigger each year?! Haha.

  36. It’s very different from the Barbie dollhouse we had as kids. Definitely more magenta! We had years of fun playing with ours, I’m sure you daughters will as well.

  37. I had a Barbie house when I was younger, but I dont think it was the dream house. My sister and I would play for hours with all the sets and stuff we had. I think I might even have my dolls in a box in a storage unit from when I packed up after moving to college. Your daughter looks like she is having so much fun here!

  38. My granddaughter is only 2, but I can not wait until I she is old enough to play with something like this! I love the imagination your daughter has. :o)

  39. Wow! That is one incredible Barbie house. I wish I had something like that when I was younger for my Barbies to live and play in.

  40. We got this for my daughter for her birthday. She loves it!

  41. a casa da barbie é incrivél!!


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