Target Back To School & PAPER Super Duper Market Celebration

I must confess that I’m not exactly ready to focus on going back to school. We’ve been soaking in summertime fun, non-rushed mornings and spontaneous adventures. Never the less, it’s my responsibility to prepare my family, and I’ve been failing miserably thus far (I’m one of those mama’s who MISSED THE DEADLINE to order my kid’s massive school supply list in bulk through her school.)

Whoopsy- Daisy.

Target helped me to shift my focus last week with some really fun events. We had the chance to check out Target’s back-to-school essentials for stylish littles (and cost conscious mamas). Lucia had her eye on bright colored garments and adorable accessories. And Adrian may have fallen in love with the rubber-ducky display debuting Double Trouble, a new line of children’s all natural bath products. The kids had fun personalizing notebooks, and I left with a back-to-school shopping plan.

Target #kidsgotstyle

We were also lucky enough to join PAPER and Target for an intimate kids dinner celebrating PAPER’s Super Duper Market. The kiddie crafts were amazing, the food was delicious, and I loved having the chance to hang out with good friends Brianne and Kim. If you’d like to check out the celebrity families in attendance, be sure to check out PAPER’s event recap (Padma Lakshmi truly glows in person!).

PAPER + Target Kids Dinner

Lucia with sweet S of Stroller In the City.

Guess what we did last weekend? We hoped in the car and went to Target. Adrian studied the toy section and Lucia looked around for Bullseye, whom we once took a photo with at petitePARADE kids’ fashion show (she somehow thinks that he lives in our Target store). I ended up WINNING with that massive school supply list! Purchasing Target’s Up & Up brand of school supplies vs. ordering in bulk through the school plan cost me considerably less money. Phew!

Lucia and Adrian helped to pick out some back-to-school outfits.

Target Childrens Clothing

Lucia personalized the look with a pair of glasses she received in a gift bag.

#kidsgotstyle Target

She calls this look Target Vision.

Target back to school clothes

I just love these kiddos!!

Target Kids Clothes

I realized that including the kids in the back-to-school preparations really helps to get them excited for the up-coming school year.

Best of luck with your back-to-school transition!

We received gift bags and a Target gift card at the events. Image #2 via Rebecca Smeye for PAPER. As in all my posts, all opinions are my own.



  1. How fun! Your kids are stylin’ and adorable as always! 🙂

  2. I clicked on a Target advertisement on your blog a few days ago. it had a great coupon. Can you make it come back? Your kids look adorable! I love that you share your New York events. Target week looks spectacular!

    • Hi Marcella, I’m part of an Ad Network, Glam Media, and I actually don’t control the advertisements that appear of my blog. I’m so happy to hear that you were able to find a useful coupon here! I have still seen the Target Ad and you can always look on their website for coupons too. Thanks for visiting – we did have a great time at the Target events. 🙂

  3. I am not even close to ready for her to return to school yet… this summer has flown

  4. They are just hamming it up for the cameras, aren’t they?! lol! My son isn’t such a ham…I can usually get a pic of him sitting still IF HE’S EATING! 😉

    • I have no doubt that your son eats the greatest food ever prepared by a mama! And yes mine can definitely ham it up!

  5. That Target event looked like so much fun! If I lived in NYC with you, I’d totally be all over going to those fun events you are invited to 🙂 I love that you could take your kids along, as well. Target is always my go-to place for almost everything. The kids look awesome in their outfits {Lucia’s dress especially–I love it!} and those canvas bags are adorable.

  6. We had such a wonderful time with you at the events!! And yes I am not ready for summer to be over!! Endless summer forever!!!

  7. Oh my goodness they are cute! LOVE The outfits you put together – they are going to be the most fashionable kids at school 🙂

  8. Love their outfits! Looks like a fun event. Also, i’ve been meaning to tell you – awesome new blog design!

  9. Such QTs!!!

  10. Adorable children and beautiful photos! The events looks like a lot of fun too.

  11. We’ve got a couple of weeks to go and I’m so not ready. It’s fun for me to do the back-to-school shopping w/the kiddos (you’re right involving them pays off big time), but we didn’t have a lot of warm weather here and I feel like summer cannot possibly be over…and yet… 🙂

    We went to Target today and while we there had the little man try on a couple of pairs of pants. We’ll do the big shopping gig soon. Glad you got your supplies (I haven’t even started on those yet).

  12. The photos of your kids all dressed up in their Target wear are adorable! They look like so much fun.


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