Saying Yes to Summer

A lot of time has slipped away here, without personal words, and for good reason I suppose.  As I turned the calendar to welcome a new month, I couldn’t help but feel a little sad about the rapid pace at which this summer seems to be moving.  I’m committed to having plenty of unscheduled days for Lucia and Adrian to be together during the summer months.  It’s not the norm around here, but I’m certain that it is what is right for my little family.  Lucia has a few full days of camp each week, and Adrian has a few hours of drop-off classes.  And although ages 3 and 5 smooched together are certainly wild and chaotic, (and I sometimes wish for more time to breathe), I’m thankful that the majority of our summer days each week are spent together.  I want the children to learn and explore beside each other before the schedules that come along with the school-year come back into play. I want them to experience summer together.

I’ve been watching this mighty bond so closely, and it is growing deeper and richer than I ever imaged

It makes me inexplicably happy.

Summer Fun With Kids

Despite  its challenges, motherhood has definitely helped me tap into my own sense of gratitude.  My kids, like most, are inherently joy-filled, exuberant little people – always eager and open to new adventures.  So many things, albeit small, are new and exciting and viewed as gifts.

saying yes to children

When the summer began, I made a promise to myself to say “yes” more often. It’s not that I wasn’t saying it before, I just wanted to be more intentional with my “no’s”.  I’m not talking about overindulgence in treats or gifts, I simply made an effort to examine my internal response before even responding to my children.  A small chunk of time at the playground after camp or a trip to the beach despite the rain helps to shape our days and collective outlook in really positive ways.

family fun

Sometimes I can’t believe, that with the turn of the next calendar page, I’ll have a first grader and a little boy entering nursery for the first time.  I’m glad that we still have a solid chuck of summer days left, and grand imaginations to stretch as far as little feet can carry them.

Special thank you to my friend Leslie at Gwen Moss Blog, for reminding me of the importance of continuing to record the personal, in this space or elsewhere.



  1. take the time to record it because life don’t slow down

  2. Such beautiful pics. I just love seeing the world through the eyes of children.

    Although I understand that life trumps blogging, when you’re gone your beautiful voice is missed.

    • There is nothing comparable to seeing the world through tiny eyes. They make me notice so many things that would have otherwise overlooked. Thanks so much Karen, you are so kind.

  3. Aw, so sweet! It’s so cool to see them get closer as they get older. It looks like you guys have been having an amazing summer, too! I hope these last few weeks of August feel long in a good way before school starts up! (Like your page’s changes, too!)

    • Good idea – I’m going to make an effort to make these last few weeks feel long – non-rushed mornings are so good for all of us.

  4. Again a beautifully written post, Monica! I love when you write about your personal feelings and your kids here, it really makes me appreciate the time I spend together with my daughter, too. So little time left for her as my only baby and I want her to soak up all of my attention. Thanks for this reminder today, as well 🙂

  5. Unplanned days are so fun! And your kids are super adorable!

  6. I always try to “catch my kids being good” and yell it real loud! This summer has slipped by so quick.

    • Monica I don’t know where to begin. I could just read your words forever. I love hearing your thoughtful reflections about mothering because you truly get it. You seem to instinctively know the value in the simple moments with the kids. And I can’t think of anything more joyous than seeing the world through the exuberant eyes of Lucia and Adrian, these photos say it all. Today I’m bustling around getting ready for a 21st birthday dinner for my oldest. And when I come here I remember what it was like back then. Those are incredibly special years. And it keeps getting better. That’s what I’ve learned from my two sons.
      Thanks for sharing your lovely family with us!

  7. christy karch says

    what a cute set of pics truly a great set of kids!!

  8. I think it is wonderful that you set about to make this summer a good one and a memorable one for the entire family.

  9. Agreed that we sometimes say “no” too quickly. I wish I had more time to go back and say “yes” to my kids when they were younger. Not that I always said “no”, but because there were some things that could have been a yes that would not have hurt a thing. Loved your photos.

    • I understand that feeling of wanting to go back Alicia. I too didn’t feel as if I was always saying “no”, I have just been trying to be a bit more intentional with my responses. I think that the “not right now’s” are actually handled a bit better since being more conscious of my “yes’s”.

  10. This was a lovely post and your family looks happy and content. I only wish my parents had taken such precious time with my sisters and I.

    • Hi Emerald. We do have many days of enjoying simple pleasures, but believe me we have our moments of complete and utter chaos,and meltdowns – I’m just usually never compelled to spend time writing about that stuff. Thank you for taking the time to visit. 😉

  11. Lovely kids to a beautiful mom Monica 🙂 Enjoy and cherish each and every moment of this period of your life. My two kids are grown up now and being a working mom, however much I tried, I have missed some of the splendid moments, though I tried the balancing act with utmost care and sincerity. We always loved each others’ company and even now we have our special family time together in the evenings and believe me, children learn from what we do and not from what we say.
    All the very best. Enjoy 😀

    • Hi Lalitha – thanks so much for your visit and words. I hope that this no way implied that “home is better”. Anytime that we have with our kiddos is special.

  12. Very well written. I always have to remind myself to think before I say no. This time with our children is so short and goes by so fast, we need to treasure every minute of it.

    • I agree – but I also think that every single moment can’t be treasured! Believe me we have our intense challenging moments too. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

  13. Such a lovely post! Just liked you, I make it sure that my two kids age 6 years old and 17 months old have a great bond together before school starts. We still have a month left to enjoy the summer! Time really flies so fast! Your kids are so sweet and adorable.

  14. How silly that I teared up a little reading your post when there’s not one sad thing in it!! You sound like a very thoughtful parent, and I’m always so happy to hear when people are appreciating their little blessings. I can’t imagine life w/o my kids, they’ve enriched me and each other in ways I never would have even considered.

    And a big high-five for a focus on unstructured time. Wasn’t that the best part of summer when we were growing up? 🙂

    Happy Thursday to you!

    • I agree Rosey – I have so many memories of intense play. There are so many great activities around us and although my kids participate in some – I try hard to not jump onto the over-scheduled track. It’s just not right for us – right now.

  15. So true- I say no out of habit often. There is definitely room for more yes. Lovely post Monica!

  16. Your kids are adorable! You should definitely take time to savor these moments with them now. Soon they’ll be teenagers and “too cool” to hang out with mom and dad. 😉

    • I can’t imagine the too cool years! I do think that I see glimpses of it already – sometimes my daughter asks me to wear a beautiful dress when we are going out together. Oh boy!

  17. Beautiful family!
    I totally understand.
    My “baby” is entering university next month. I catch myself sometimes remember when she was 5 and all the craziness that went with it. Time flies by for sure!
    Enjoy every second!

  18. You have a beautiful family. Love the pics.

  19. I LOVE your pictures, and your story! I personally cannot believe my youngest is already 14 months. We he was born I cried because I knew he’d be my last, and it woudl go by way too fast.

  20. Great pictures. I’m trying to enjoy my time with my niece and nephew before they grow up. You gotta enjoy it while it lasts 🙂

  21. You have such a beautiful family! Don’t you just love being a mom. There’s many challenges to being such. I have 4 kids and, like you, have to start examining my ‘yes’ and ‘no’ responses. Thanks for a great post!

  22. Looks like you & your family are having a fun summer and so great that you’re capturing it with photos that you’ll be able to remember forever!

  23. Aww… All the more reason you’ll be so happy to have these blog posts one day!

    I agree summer is going way too quickly, but it looks like you’re all making the most of it!

    • Thanks Charise. As I have been taking on more work in this space, I don’t have as much time to record the personal (which was my original intention when I started this space). I hope that you enjoy the rest of your summer!

  24. Super cute photos! And, I completely agree…summer is spiraling down incredibly fast this year. School is right around the corner for us!

  25. Looks like you are really taking advantage of summer! I am always surprised at how fast the time flies by and how we never seem to squeeze in all the fun things on our “bucket list.”

  26. Summer has definitely gone by fast. You have a beautiful family and looks like you’ve had some great fun this year!

  27. Recognizing the time your little ones need together is crucial. Acting upon it is even harder! You’re doing a GREAT job, mom!

    • Thanks for the encouragement Caroline. I definitely have my moments of not doing the best job that I can too. 🙂

  28. The end of summer is always bittersweet for me because I try to cram as much fun into everyday, but it has to end sometime.

    • You are right Sophie – and school is a positive thing! I too am focused on fun right now…and warm weather :).

  29. You have such a beautiful family!! Savor every moment you have while they are young…it goes by so quickly!!

  30. Beautiful family! Love this post!

  31. LOVE this post!!!! So incredibly true… And your kids are just TOO CUTE!!!

  32. This is such a loving post. Your heart is always in the right place, I can tell

  33. I know…where has the summer gone, huh? Savor. every. moment.


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