White Spray Paint – Old to New – DIY

My husband and I share a love for many things: old school rap music, good coffee, our kids waking up in exceptional moods, and white spray paint!  Bob has been making the old new again with cans of spray paint since his teen years.  He even rebuilt a curbside Barbie jeep a few years ago and tricked it out in bright spray-painted colors.

My home is filled with a lot of bright white as my husband and I are both drawn to large white objects (with mixtures of pops of bright colors).  We have enjoyed restoring many old wooden frames, gaudy mirrors and other household objects with white spray paint.  I’ve been hanging on to a ballerina statuette that my Abuelita gave me the last time that I spent time with her in Colombia before she passed away.  Dancing was a huge part of my early years, and I’ll never forget the glimmer in her eyes when she gifted it to me.  I knew it would be a meaningful addition to my daughter’s shelf – but I wanted it to blend in without adding clutter.  A few coats of white spray paint achieved the look I was hoping for.  White spray paint was also used to transform this old frame into a pretty white one:

The process is simple and instantly gratifying:

  • If there are any cracks (sometimes old wood frames have them) fill them in with wood filler and a putty knife.  Make sure to fully dry.
  • Some wood projects require a bit of sanding with sand paper (and wiping off after sanding).  I did not need to sand the projects in this post.  
  • Spray two coats of spray primer (allow to dry.).
  • Spray a few coats of color paint (allow to dry). 
  • A gloss enamel spray can also be added at the end (not used in the projects in this post). 
Voila new things!!


  1. This is a great idea to spruce up old things and make them ready to show off in your home. Spray paint can make a ton of things usable again!

  2. I am a big fan of spray paint, especially white! 🙂

  3. Very Very Pretty

  4. I JUST discovered the awesomeness of spray paint when I made things for Ethan's birthday party a few weeks ago. I'm not sure where it's been all my life!

    • Lindsay – I felt the same way! My husband always sprayed everything for me. I couldn't believe how fun and easy it was to transform things myself.

  5. It's amazing what a can of spray paint can do, isn't it? 🙂

    • I agree – and I'm really living on the edge over here when I purchase it – since all spray paint is under lock and key. (ha ha)

  6. Great idea and love the finished project!

  7. Vanessa – thanks so much for visiting!

  8. That dancer statue is so cool! She looks so modern in white- what a great update! You've inspired me to make some old things new again! xoxo

  9. wow, the white is sure beautiful and so clean looking, it give it a whole new feeling. I love it

  10. Great idea! Love this for updating some of the things that have faded around my house.

    Love your new blog design!

  11. White spray paint has changed so many things in my home. Love the statue idea though for sure!

  12. The thought of doing something like this never crossed my mind. I had no idea that objects could be completely changed with spray paint.. I’m not a crafty person, but I will give this a try.

  13. LOVE the frame. I working on getting a ton of vintage frames to i can spray them white and put on my “office” wall.


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