Mama Dress to Girls Dress – Kids Clothes Week {Summer}

I once loved this dress by Hazel Clothing, but my improper laundering stretched it into an official potato sack.  So I chopped it up to recycle into a dress for my best girl.  I played around with the fabric (a lot) and ended up creating a large pocket, which I sewed onto a black camisole.  I gathered the bottom portion of the dress to create a skirt and attached it to the cropped camisole.  I also added a few hanging ribbons for fun.  The dress stretched the camisole a bit too much, which I fixed by cutting the straps to create tie straps.   It was quick and easy, and I’m a sucker for beautiful pre-existing hemlines!

Repurposing women's dress to girl's dress sewing kids clothes week

The Little Lady was instantly pleased with her new dress.

girls dress kids clothes week sewing

And her flying little brother too.

kids clothes week sewing girls summer dress

Lucia kept it on for our usual evening outdoor antics (yes, her brother is wearing his sister’s unicorn crocs).  Their latest includes something they coined chalk smashing: drawing pictures, scribbling all over them, sweeping the colors together and rolling around in their new creation.

painting with chalk kids clothes week

I’m pretty sure that this dress passed the LP test.

kids clothes week simple girls sewing dress

Big thanks to kids clothing week for helping me dust off the old machine once again.



  1. Absolutely love the new look of your site! And how talented are you with this dress!! I’m telling you should sell it on etsy!

  2. Your daughter’s dress is gorgeous. I just love it.

    When I found out my first child was a son, I was ok with it. I knew boys’ clothes weren’t as fun as girls’, but I also knew I was hoping to have a second child. When I found out my second child was a son I mourned all those beautiful girly clothes. I’m still jealous of my friends with girls.

  3. Hey! New site I see! Looks awesome. I love that you are so creative and can make these dresses. You need to go into bizness gal! Love the chalk! The boys and I just did a fun feature on chalkin’ it up. It’s the perfect summer activity, no?

    • Thanks Tiffany – I’ve finally switched to word press! I saw a photo of your boys playing in the chalk. It is an evening activity that my kids always look forward to in the summer. I happen to LOVE the decorated front sidewalk too. It makes everything feel so cheerful.

  4. I love the dress and I’m quite sure chalk smashing could become a trendy phase of teens and young adult artists alike, it’s very cool!!

  5. This is lovely. Your daughter is a very lucky girl! How do you sew the bodice to the skirt?

    • Thanks so much for your comment Riya. I cut the tank and the dress and then gathered the bottom portion of the dress. I then pinned the tank inside the shirt to sew – a great tutorial of how to do this can be found at Hungie Gungie – google their vintage pillowcase dress tutorial.

  6. What a fantastic dress! Amazing – love that you created it from a dress you had that you couldn’t wear anymore.

    You are so talented, I am honestly in awe every time I read your posts 🙂

  7. What a beautiful dress you made for Lucia! You are very talented 🙂 You photography is stunning.

  8. WOW!!! That dress is stunning!! I want one! I seriously need to take some sewing lessons from you! When we moved into our home (4 years ago) the lady who lived there before us left me an (apparently) high-tec sewing machine. I swore I was going to learn how to sew. Well, it’s been 4 years and still nothing! (Maybe it’s because I’m too busy cooking?!) 😉

  9. Monica, I LOVE this. I bet Lucia is in love too! It’s just adorable (and so is she!).

  10. That is amazing! You are one crafty girl. Beautiful dress, I can tell she loves it too!

    • Awee thanks Heather. I’m really hoping that she doesn’t outgrow her excitement for homemade things. 🙂

  11. you are so talented, i love it.

  12. Great new site Mona! Erin and I are hoping to update our look too. This is such a cute upcycle! I love your little photo bomber brother! They seem like quite a pair!

    • Ha – the little ones to photo bomb. They are a pretty funny pair. Hope you girls are well and thanks so much for visiting!!

  13. You are so creative Monica! I would never be able to do that on a sewing machine. I can only sew straight lines – blankets and pillow cases. Your daughter looks like she loves it!

  14. How PRESH is your little lady?! Also you are a whiz with that sewing machine – such a fabulous dress!!
    Nikki at

  15. Oh my goodness this dress came out so good! She looks adorable in it and these pictures are great. They look so darn fun, I wish I could baby sit. But I’d spoil them rotten. 🙂

  16. Loooove it on her, what a stunning lil dress on a adorable lil momma!!

  17. Monica! This is genius! And so beautiful!

  18. Mary Beth says

    This is beautiful and so green! Beautiful Monica.

  19. Chalk smashing looks so fun! And the new blog design is amazing. I love it!

  20. Hillary Costin says

    So cute! Love your blog!

  21. Wow! It turned out so great. And you are awesome to enjoy their rolling in their chalk creation in their new clothes. awesome.


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