Little Healers

I’ve spent the past two full days alone with my little boy as his big sister was enjoying a mini vacation with her grandparents. He truly is getting to be quite the big boy.  He loves the playground, having me read the same story over and over again, and the mere prospect of getting a toy ninja from a gumball machine.  He pushed his sun-tired little body as much as possible today and finally collapsed in my arms for a necessary break.  He awoke smiley and rested.  And my day seemed to take on a different course – after holding him in my arms for so long.  Tiny healer indeed.



  1. Oh my goodness…don't you love when they fall asleep on you like that? Happy Fourth of July!

  2. There's nothing in this world like the feeling you get when you hold your sleeping baby. I really miss it, but seeing your picture made me smile.

    • It rarely happens any more – but when it does – I'm reminded that it really IS one of the best feelings in the world. Have a beautiful day.

  3. Awwww…I love that feeling. My godchildren love to cuddle up on my lap and when they fall asleep, it is such a magical feeling. It is so very calming and peaceful. I treasure those sweet moments that I get to spend with them.

  4. Aww, oh look at his sweet face. That is such a precious picture. And you're 100% with the little healer write-up. Been there, done that, and loved it. Those are the best of the best of the best times when you're bringing up little ones. 🙂

    • Thanks Rosey for the comments. They really have no idea how their little gestures of love mean so much to the big people in their lives. I love his little smooched up face here too.

  5. So sweet. I miss when my children would do that. They've gotten too old now but it was so nice.

  6. Oh Monica. You have no idea how important it becomes later in life to have such details written down. When I read “…the mere prospect of getting a toy ninja from a gumball machine” it made me smile and remember those happy little moments that are so unique to each child. He's adorable and the photo says it all. By the way, who took this picture? It's a special one.

    • Such wise words Leslie – I have to be better about writing in my journal more often. A friend took this photo and I was so happy to see his smooched up little face.

  7. Especially as they get older, I just love these moments where they just fall asleep on you and collapse into your arms!

    Such a sweet post, and what a sweet boy!

  8. What a touching post…we really need to stop and smell the flowers more often! LIfe goes by too quickly and we rarely stop to appreciate what we have in our lives 😉

  9. That smooshed up cheek- to die for!

  10. This warms my heart and I appreciate these sorts of posts on your blog.

  11. Ah! I love that feeling of holding our kids as they sigh in peaceful sleep. Its the most precious gift! 🙂

  12. Gorgeous sentiment and stunning photo, M!!!

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