The Unschedule

Summer weekends are our absolute favorite, they are also the quickest to fill up with exciting plans. We appreciate our unscheduled time and  love seeing where a free day will take us. This weekend was full of ample park time, baking, and dance parties.  We even took the revamped Barbie jeep out for a spin.

Cheers to summer!


  1. Totally with you! Summertime books up so quickly, that those lazy days are the best! LOVE this photo of the two of them!

  2. I miss those days, teenagers are always heading out in their own direction, no Moms allowed. Enjoy every minute of your summer free time with the kids.

  3. I agree, Monica! We maintain a little bit of structure but nothing like during the school year. It's nice to be able to relax a little. 🙂

  4. Cheers to summer is right! I love this time of year, wooot!

  5. I love unscheduled time! I schedule stuff way too much. Takes the fun out of things!

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