The Mama Bag & A 7 AM Enfant Voyage Bag {Giveaway}

We’ve been experiencing a lot of sporadic weather in NYC.  Temperatures have gone from hot and humid to cold and rainy in a matter of days.  Our weekends are usually packed with activities, and Memorial Day weekend was no exception.  We visited three boroughs all in a days time, had fun at museums, restaurants, a carnival, and a party in the park to celebrate Adrian. Our adventures were memorable and involved a thoroughly packed bag.

As my children have grown older the amount of stuff that I carry around hasn’t seemed to reduce in size, it simply changes.  I’m no longer transporting diapers and wipes, but I am lugging around an ample amount of gear, clothes and Bambini-paraphernalia.

I’ve gone through my share of bags during my five-plus years of motherhood.  And I’m definitely at a point of knowing what I want in a bag.  I was first introduced to 7 A.M. Enfant’s line of bags from my friend Ellen.   Since we both love their Barcelona bag so much, I was thrilled to put their large Voyage bag to the mama-travel test.  The Voyage bag comes in a great selection of colors including a fun neon pink.  It is incredibly lightweight, and I can seriously fit my entire life into it.  Since it has an ample amount of storage compartments on both the exterior and interior (the interior ones are see through mesh!), gone are the days of entire bag emptying while frantically searching for my phone or keys. The Voyage bag comes with fabulous accessories including a diaper changing pad, an insulated bottle/lunch box, and a double zippered clutch.  It is also made to match the 7 A.M. Blanket 212 Evolution (an absolute must for winter weather). The Voyage bag is actually the first bag that I have been able to attach to my stroller while having my oldest travel on the buggy board.  It has made me feel organized and is incredibly comfortable.

Win It: 7 A.M. Enfant is kindly giving away the below pictured voyage bag ($118.00 MSRP) in a great gender-neutral color (my husband wants this one!).  To enter, simply visit the below widget and please note that I verify all entry methods.  For more 7 A.M. Enfant giveaways and product info, like 7 A.M. Enfant on facebook.  Best of luck and thanks for visiting!

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I was provided with a 7A.M. Enfant Voyage Bag; however, I was already a steadfast 7 A.M. fan as their Blanket 212 Evolution has kept both of my kids toasty in frigid temperatures.  All opinions are my own. 



  1. I love this bag so much! Thanks for sharing and for the great giveaway!!!

  2. lauren reeve says

    how fun

  3. with 3 boys 3 and under, i need big bags! this one is so cute! thanks!!!

  4. I love the bag, The color is just amazing! Love cheerful colors. 😀

  5. I love this bag it would be perfect ! I have a 3year old and one on the way

  6. Yes, love this! Three under the age of 4 can be a lot of stuff lol

  7. Yes, I love this!!! 3 under the age of 4 can be a lot of stuff:)

  8. Look huge… amazing

  9. This bag looks great, I could use a new diaper bag!

  10. Super cute! I love it! It looks like a great bag. 🙂 Thanks for the chance.

  11. sorry, i'm having problems commenting for some reason. i clicked on “enter to win” and it said i commented twice when i hadn't yet commented (?). we need a good bag. gender-neutral would of course make the husband happy but that neon pink pops! it looks awesome with your outfit. who took the family pics? gorgeous.

    • No worries. I see your comment and sorry for the problem with the system! This bag is fantastic and I love the color – my husband actually wants one in grey or black. He was my photographer… Thanks for entering and best of luck!

  12. Sooo in love with this bag. I would be ecstatic to win this bag!! I just had my third child in February and we still have not found the right diaper bag! We went through two bags with my son and I really want a great quality bag that I like :). Awesome giveaway!!

  13. I love the color you are rocking and the pictures. I'd be sooo happy if I won. I have great use for a bag like that.

  14. This bag is very cool! Thanks for having a giveaway!

  15. I LOVE the pink!! Such a happy looking bag.

  16. Cute bags! I've never heard of this brand before.

  17. Love the bag and giveaway:):)

  18. What a great giveaway! I LOVE this bag & really need a new diaper bag 🙂

  19. Anonymous says

    Love this bag! Looks comfortable and it is really cool! Thank you!

  20. This is amazing!

    Thanks for hosting this fabulous giveaway — and such sweet pictures! You all look great!

  21. Oh, wow this looks amazing. I love how it fits on the stroller!

  22. The pink one is so awesome!! Would love to win this!
    Ashley Sifers

  23. Desirree says

    Cool bag! Thanks for the great giveaway. Great Pictures!

  24. love this bag!

  25. Love this bag! Thanks for the chance!

  26. thanks for the chance love the looks of this bag

  27. Awesome bag! This would be perfect for my newborn and two-year-old!!

  28. June Ebinger says


  29. Thanks for the giveaway. My friend would love this who has young kids.

  30. I love this bag- I have an overflowing purse full of stuff to fill it with! adriannebraun at yahoo dot com

  31. I could see myself using that bag year round, but most definitely this summer when we're always on the go!! The pics are fab., you should model for the company. 😀

  32. very cute–love it! thanks for the chance!

  33. I love this bag

  34. This looks like a great bag!

  35. You can never have to many bags. This would be a great gift for the new moms I know.

  36. sharon shafran says

    like it hope its not pink maybe grey beige or khaki

    • Hi Sharon – if you scroll down to read the end of the post you can see an image of the bag that the giveaway winner will receive – it is a great gender neutral grey. Good Luck.

  37. sharon shafran says

    not on instagram don't know how but bag is lovely and useful

  38. This bag is awesome! This would be a great baby shower gift!

  39. hidy hidy ho

  40. this looks like a great bag

    karinaroselee at gmail dot com

  41. This bag is gorgeous for many uses thank you

  42. What a great bag! No need to bring a ton of little ones when everything will fit into this one!

    • That's actually what I love the most. I used to have to carry several different bags, but can actually stuff so much stuff into the voyage.

  43. I”ve never seen this bag. I love it!

  44. love the pink bag you're sporting!

  45. looks so useful!

  46. what a great bag, it's super useful and stylish!

  47. Nice bag.

  48. Anonymous says

    Looks very useful, another pair of hands 🙂

  49. Love the size of the bag, its perfect for traveling with kids.

  50. would love to own this!

  51. would love to own!

  52. love this bag

  53. so cute-thanks!

  54. This bag is amazing! Just love it and you look awesome with it as well!

  55. What a great multi-use bag for parents!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  56. Love it! Looks very useful!!

  57. That bag is GORGEOUS!!! LOVE it!!! Thanks for the chance!

  58. I love this and would love to own one myself~!!

  59. Looks like a great bag! Thanks for the chance to win!

  60. My sister is having twins soon and could totally use this! It looks awesome!

  61. Awesome bag!! Hope to win it, thanks!!

  62. Awesome bag! Hope to win it, thanks!

  63. This bag is amazing. I want one. My favorite feature is that it comes with a diaper changing pad, an insulated bottle/lunch box, and a double zippered clutch. This is seriously the ultimate diaper bag.

  64. Quyen cacio says

    At first, the bag looked overwhelming. But as I saw the bag around you (thank you for that), it doesn't devour your petite frame! Love the color and wish me luck!!!

  65. The bag is so cute! and love the color and versatility.

  66. The bag is so cute! and love the color and versatility.

  67. Love the bag. Would love to win it. I love the color!

  68. Looks lika a great bag!

  69. Love the pink one you have!

  70. That looks like a great bag!!! I like the neon pink but gender neutral is great. No more cartoon characters. Yay! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  71. I love the bag and the “picnic” photo is ADORABLE

  72. I absolutely adore the color of that bag!

  73. This bag looks good and also looks functional. I would love to win!

  74. I SOOOO wish I had this bag for my long trip!! And it's too bad I can't enter the contest ;-(

  75. My daughter is expecting her first very soon. This would be awesome.

  76. Great bag with a lot of room and it looks like the weight will be comfortably distributed across the body….

  77. Really like the neutral color and those inside mesh pockets would make my life so much easier!

  78. What a great giveaway. Thanks for offering it.

  79. What a great giveaway. Thanks for offering it.

  80. This bag looks so useful from your pictures! Definitely could come in handy anywhere and everywhere!

  81. I'm pregnant and would use this as a diaper bag.

  82. Lucy Lopez says

    This bag would be perfect for my niece who is pregnant.

  83. this bag looks great, love the pink!

  84. Really nice bag, very stylish and looks like it can handle just about anything. Thanks for the contest!

  85. I would love this bag!

  86. I would love this bag! Love 7am!

  87. It's a beautiful bag!

  88. It looks like a great travel bag.

  89. Anonymous says

    Dorothy Walters

    I like this bag and love the pink.

  90. could use this. with twin boys i need a good diaper bag

  91. i love this! i didnt know they made these!

  92. big 7am enfant fan and I could use a roomy bag

  93. This would be so useful!!!

  94. I love how big this bag is

  95. Anonymous says

    Erin G

    Such a fun bag! I absolutely love the pink one!!!

    eringwynn at Hotmail dot com

  96. Thanks for the giveaway! What a gorgeous bag! I will have 4 kids under 3 come October, so this one looks nice and roomy 🙂

  97. Oh my god, do I want and need this bag and I hope I win. Thank you so much for a great giveaway.

  98. What an awesome bag and the pictures of your family are pretty amazing!

  99. Ooh! This bag is gorgeous and looks so useful!

  100. Would love to win that bag!!!!

  101. Would love this and so badly need a new bag!

  102. this is a great looking bag. I need a new diaper bag

  103. Lovely bag! 🙂

  104. this is a great bag.

  105. Great giveaway! I need a new diaper bag.

  106. thanks for the great giveaway !

  107. This would be a cute diaper bag and sooooo cute i would love this thank you for the chance.

  108. This is a great bag!

  109. Love the pink bag! So cool!!!!!!!

  110. 7AM Enfant is pretty cool.

  111. Love this bag! It's better than any others I've seen!

  112. I never seem to stop needing to drag around a ton of junk with the kids. Now that they're older, it's antibacterial hand wipes and spare underpants and snacks!

  113. I love the color and shape of this bag. Thanks for the giveaway!

  114. Katie Roch says

    I love this bag! It looks like it could hold everything and keep things organized.

  115. What a useful, PRETTY, bag! You usually don't find those two things within the same product. 🙂

  116. neat bag

  117. That is one nice looking bag. Thank you for the giveaway.

  118. I've been eyeing these bags since I first heard of them!! Thanks so much 🙂

  119. This looks like a great bag!

  120. Fab bag! Looks super roomie! Love the cross-body strap!

  121. This looks awesome!

  122. thanks for the opportunity this looks like a very handy bag!

  123. I am in love with this bag!! Thank you for a chance to win one.

  124. Thx for the great giveaways and all you do.

  125. That is such a cute bag, love the color

  126. I love this bag! Thanks so much for the chance!

  127. I have heard these bags are great quality

  128. Love the adult style of this bag..

  129. ty for a great giveaway …… would love to give this bag a try 🙂

  130. I love this bag and how it carries so many things.

  131. WANT!

  132. This looks great! Thanks for the chance.

  133. awesome bag!!!!

    dani marie ferriza2(at)yahoo(dot)com

  134. super cute bag 🙂

  135. What a great bag!!
    Thanks for the chance.

  136. My daughter would use this as a purse!

  137. New to me, but LOVE it!

  138. What a fantastic bag! I am pretty sure every mom would LOVE this! 🙂

  139. Wow this bag looks great!!

  140. This would be perfect for me with my newborn due soon

    dominican757 at gmail dot com

  141. It looks like a wonderful bag for a mommy of 3 like me. :o)

  142. It looks like a wonderful bag for a mommy of 3 like me. :o)

  143. I'd love to win this for my cousin

  144. I would love to win this bag for my son and daughterinlaw.

  145. we do so much traveling this would be great for packing!

  146. Love this! It's so pretty would love to win!

  147. perfect –I need this now! thanks

  148. very nice bag 🙂

  149. Very nice bag 🙂

  150. loving this bag and pink even makes it better.

  151. Great looking bag

  152. What a great bag! I would love this!

  153. This is a great bag. I love the color and the whole look to it; more like a gym bag. I wish they had these with my last baby. Thank you for doing this review and giveaway.

  154. You totally rocked that bag well. Never did I think a travel bag would look so hot! I love this. I want, want, want! <3

  155. Thank you for the chance! Eclairre(AT)ymail(DOT)com

  156. I love this bag so much!

  157. This is a very nice looking and fashionable bag. Wife would love it!

  158. And i never thought Baby bags couple be so chic! I need this!

  159. I love the bag, it looks very versatile.

  160. Anonymous says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this fashionable bag.

  161. This looks like an awesome bag- thanks for the opportunity to win!

  162. i could so use this awesome bag

  163. Nice bag!

  164. Wow this bag looks great!!

  165. Bag looks awesome! I've been looking for a bag with lots of good storage compartments 🙂

  166. i would love to win this bag! i am about to be an aunt (again) and i have 2 sons getting married this year….thanks for such a nice giveaway-wish diaper bags were this nice when i was having babies,lol!

  167. i would love to have this bag

  168. This bag is SOOO practical! It also looks quite well made and is fashionable to boot!!! Thank you for the great giveaway….

  169. Roseanne says

    Great bag!

  170. I love this bag, it would make a great gift for my daughter, she could use it with her two kids.

  171. Anonymous says

    What a great bag! Thanks so much for the chance!

  172. What a great bag! I love that it's so stylish!


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