The Getup

Somewhere in toddler-hood, well before the age of two, Lucia became infatuated with dressing up.  I quickly fell in love with the imaginary play that accompanied it.  I remember her tears after her second birthday party because she didn’t want to take off her “beautiful dress”.  And that following summer she sported a felt pirate hat nearly every single day.  As Lucia has grown older, her love for wearing costumes hasn’t subsided,  and her fantasy-woven stories have become more elaborate.   A few days ago, I sent Lucia into her room alone to prepare for her swimming lessons while I waited outside with her stroller-sleeping brother.  She followed through with my instructions and returned wearing her bathing suit, with a bit of a surprise on topWe had just enough time to indulge in her Puppy Fairy antics at a nearby park prior to swimming lessons:

I’ve been thinking a lot about Lucia’s imagination and wondering how much longer this dress-up stage will last.  For now, we’re indulging in fantasy and perfectly appropriate little girl attire.

Dress: c/o Princess Expressions by Almar // Pooch Purse: c/o Poochie & Co // Headband made by me.



  1. Monica, your daughter is so adorable and I love her personality! Such a girly girl with a big imagination. I might need to get one of those poochie purses for Sofia 🙂

  2. She is so lovely—-seriously, don't you love their innocence?!?!


  3. Your daughter is so cute. I also have a very opinionated 5 year old as well when it comes to clothing and outfits. At least your daughter matched with all pink! Mine is a mish mash of colours – pink, grey, brown, orange 😉

  4. Love this post! Maggie is just starting to really get into dress up. The funniest thing is to see what she makes her little sister wear!

    – Courtney

  5. Sooo cute! I love that you let her be and play. I always had so much fun dressing up as a kid 🙂



  6. I loved the headbands. I made a few 🙂

  7. What a sweet girl! My son loves dressing up too and is great at imaginitive play. I can listen to him play and coming up with story lines in his head all day. One day he's a pirate. the next day a knight in Shinning Armor and recently a Fireman. Too too cute!

  8. This was so sweet and she is too cute! I love when kids can just be kids and enjoy this small window of childhood, hope this sticks a bit longer.

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