On Bravery {a Pediped Review}

I watch my children jump, climb, hurdle and sprint.  Off the furniture, up the trees, over the rocks, down the street.  Every single day feels like a new risk, a greater lesson.

Adrian and Lucia are learning to be brave.   

So am I.

I’m learning to suppress the urge to helicopter, to yell “BE CAREFUL!!” or redirect their activity.

I want my children to be resilient.  I want them to develop their own internal compass and earned sense of confidence.  I want them to learn that it’s OK to fall and make mistakes.  

Adrian is wearing Pediped Flex Sahara Sandals in Blue – $49.99 – c/o Pediped

My children have worn both high end and discount brand shoes, and I’ve seen the results of improper footwear.  Splats on the pavement and cuts on little feet are things that I obviously want to avoid.  Pediped Originals were the first shoes worn by my children as they were the closest thing to bare feet (and American Podiatry Association approved).  Adrian has recently been rocking Pediped’s Flex Sahara Sandal in blue.  He likes the ease of being able to take them on and off by himself and I like the fact that the secure velcro closure can be fastened tightly for a proper fit. I’m also pleased with the rugged rubber sole that wraps around to fully encapsulate the toes, providing extra protection while keeping him cool.  I especially appreciate that I can fully clean off evidence of messy fun, as these water safe shoes are machine washable.

I’m a work in progress.  I will naturally always want to protect my cubs. For now, I’ll find comfort knowing that Adrian is well equipped for his daily antics.

Pediped provided me with the above shoes for review purposes.  All opinions in the post are my own.  



  1. I loved your post. Your words have parents everywhere nodding in agreement, I'm sure of it.

    I also really like Pedipeds. We purchased a pair last year for my youngest and they're still in every bit as good of condition as when they were new, and he wore them A LOT!

  2. Cool. I have to find myself these shoes! Both my boys are daredevils. I think its just in their nature, I think I kiss a dozen owies a day. 😉

  3. I'm with you completely! As Ethan learns to be a little more daring each day, I try to bite my tongue and not make him totally neurotic. We LOVE Pediped in this house! Adrian looks adorable in his sandals!

    • It's a hard balance as a mother isn't it? I really love these shoes too. Adrian has been wearing them everyday. My kids wore original pedipeds as babies – I'm really pleased with these!

  4. ohhhh i def wanna try these out for sure, they look cute as well

  5. Actually those look like they would be perfect for Gemma. Gosh I can't believe how BIG he's looking!! xoxox

  6. What a great review to be a part of! I love reviewing anything that has to do with the kiddies. Those shoes are both practical and cute on Adrian!

  7. Anonymous says

    Love them Shoes!!!!!!!!

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