Mommybites Summit 2013 {Sponsored}

Last Wednesday I enjoyed a fun Moms’ night out with some good friends at the 4th annual Mommybites Summit at the New Yorker Hotel’s Grand Ballroom. The event connected over 80 parent/baby focused brands with attendees and also hosted amazing raffles.

I was able to catch the keynote speech by organizational expert/author Andrew Mellen and my friends and I actually whipped out our notepads.  In some aspects of my home, organization is often my Achilles heel as our storage space is extremely limited.   Andrew’s words of wisdom have not left my mind, and I’m striving for some sort of practical implementation soon.  A few of  his wise words that resonated with me include:

  • “Nothing freely given is a burden.  You are not obligated to keep anything from anyone that does not make your life more comfortable, convenient, or beautiful.”
  • “Clutter equals deferred decisions”
  • “More Love, Less Stuff”  

As the evening moved on, I was able to chat with several brands with a specific focus on two.  I first met with representatives of the NY Kids Club  – a childhood enrichment center known for their exemplary preschool program and innovative classes in several Manhattan locations.  I learned about their plethora of summer options, included a camp with flexible schedules and enrollment, drop-in classes and summer classes with an unlimited make-up policy. The NY Kids Club also caters to a variety of age groups with Super Awesome Saturday Parties (with themes including Circus Boot Camp) for children in the 5-9 age bracket (I must check this out for Lucia!).  They also offers preschool options for two and three year olds for those who are still undecided about fall placement.  The people I spoke with were all so nice and enthusiastic, and I’ve experienced their awesomeness first hand at birthday parties in their Upper East Side location.  One lucky Mommybites attendee left with their raffle prize of $200 off a class enrollment.

I also spoke with UrbanSitter, founded by four parents who understand firsthand the demands of busy schedules.  This online resource allows parents to find and book babysitters recommended by individuals that they know.  The site finds available sitters and displays the ones that come with recommendations from parents in the sitter-seekers social circles.  Jobs can be booked and payed for on line.  Although my life is pretty sitter-less at the moment – I hope to test out this service in the near future.  I also love the fact that they offer gift cards  as they are an awesome gift to give to a fellow mom!

I definitely think that the Mommybites Summit provided a memorable moms’ night out, with treats, wine, tons of information and shopping.  Mothers left with generous goodies bags, and many won fabulous prizes including Britax car seats and strollers to family photo sessions and prints.  Mommybites continues to be a valuable resource for mothers/expecting mothers and upcoming events can be found on their website. 

This post is sponsored by Mommybites, however all opinions are my own. 



  1. Sounds like an informative event and a great “night out” for mom!

  2. Wow. I wish I could've heard Andrew Mellen speak. I'm intrigued by these words in particular: “Clutter equals deferred decisions.” When I reflect on this I truly agree, and this inspires me to approach my clutter from a decision making place. Clutter makes me feel so overwhelmed. On a sidenote, I'm so happy you got to have such a fun night out!
    Leslie (Gwen Moss)

    • I seriously can't stop thinking about so many of his words. Including his instruction to included “like with like” – which means that my sewing supplies can't be stored in a tub in my bedroom AND in a corner of my dinning room. I have so much work to do!! I'm so glad that I got too and it was fun to attend with friends. 🙂

  3. What an exciting, fun evening, and you look fabulous!

    I'm headed over to check out Mommy Bites. 🙂

  4. What a fun event to attend! I absolutely love that first quote about not feeling the need to keep everything that others give you–even family members. My in-laws are always giving us things that they don't want anymore and I always feel like I need to keep them. No more!

    • This was a huge one for me too Kera. I've often held on to things out of guilt, because I care about the person who gave the “thing” to me. Andrew reminded us that people are not things! If it doesn't enhance your life – toss it.

  5. Sounds like a great event. I used to be SO organized before I had children. Not sure if the children have made me disorganized or if I am just too exhausted to care!

  6. Sarah Beth says

    It sounds like another great event that you had the chance to attend. Thanks for sharing information about the talk. I'm going to look into his book. I would love for someone to give me a babysitting service giftcard!

  7. More love, less stuff! I need to live that motto EVERY DAY! Ugh!

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