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In just a few days, my boy will be a three-year-old!  There are so many huge milestones that come with this move away from toddler-hood.  In a few months, Adrian will be in a formal nursery school program, and he recently transitioned into a big-boy-bed. Thanks to a campaign with Glidden’s Disney Paint via MomTrends, I finally remade the children’s bedroom to reflect my darling son.  The process was fun and easy, and something that I’ve been hoping to tackle for a very long time.   Best of all, it was a simple project that I completed myself.

BEFORE                                                                                              AFTER

The daylight before and after photos do not reflect a tremendous change.  I relocated a hide from another room to the kids room and added a smaller hide to Lucia’s corner.  I also organized and donated the toys, and stenciled the walls with Glidden’s Disney Ready Set Glow! Specialty Finish from Walmart.  I created my own stencils and the process was simple.  The paint provided a subtle look during the day with a big impact at night – exactly what I was hoping for.

I told my kids that the paint on their walls is infused with a secret magical power.  The thing is, it really is…

Our new bedtime routine has shifted to preparing the room with the chandelier to “charge” the paint while the kids are in the bath.  They are so excited to fall asleep in their intergalactic galaxy, and the glow from the paint eventually fades so the kids won’t be in “da club” all night long.

Adrian has since transitioned to an amazing toddler bed from Delta (more on that later).  It was literally on a UPS truck the day of the party and arrived the morning after.  We were determined to have Adrian’s first night in a bed coincide with his big-boy-party, so Adrian and his Daddy changed his crib into a toddler bed the morning of the party.

I was lucky enough to receive Buzz Lightyear themed bedding from Walmart.  Since the comforter I received was a twin/full size, I turned it into a toddler blanket and sewed a little bunting flag with the excess material to better define Adrian’s space.  I had the intention of sewing a grey quilt to compliment Lucia’s bedding, but am pretty sure that my labor of love wouldn’t stand a chance against Disney bedding.  Especially now that Adrian discovered a giant Buzz and Woody on the reverse side of his new blanket.  I managed to hide the comforter (and all of the remaining fabric) until the day of the party.  Adrian was beyond thrilled when I set up his bed!

We recently threw a room reveal party.  It was so much fun!  I really love party planning and purchased a great deal of my supplies at Walmart with a budget of $200.

Guest arrived to rainbow colored fruit skewers, cheese and crackers, empanadas, chips and dip, star shaped cream cheese raisin bread sandwiches, and a veggie platter.  A full dinner was also served in the evening.

I added candy eyeballs to the star shaped sandwiches which were a big hit with the little ones.

The treat table consisted of a blue jello tower, cupcakes, blue and green M&M’s, handmade star shaped chocolate lollipops and specialty Oreo cookies.  I had so much fun making Toy Story alien cookies by simply dipping half of each Oreo into melted green chocolate and then adding three eyeballs.   I made star shaped decorations for the cupcakes and table out of card-stock, glitter and toothpicks.  I was able to purchase all of the supplies to make chocolate lollipop, star decorations, Oreo green-chocolate dipped cookies and party supplies at Walmart.

Our little big boy was very pleased and clearly felt incredibly special.
 After feasting the kids moved on to the Glow Stick and Tattoo station that was set up on the bar.
They also decorated stars with glitter glue and stickers.

We decided that the $50 Walmart gift card door prize would go to the “most enthusiastic” and it was won by the littlest attendee. I’m pretty sure that his mom is going to purchase the same Glidden specialty finish from Walmart to decorate his room with glowing fun.

For the goodie bags, I cut excess fabric from Adrian’s bedding into star shapes and modpodged it onto brown paper bags.  The kiddos seemed to be thrilled with the loot inside!

The best part of the night was watching the kids dance in the room.  We set up a black-light (just for the party) and the kids literally went bonkers.  They danced, made several costume changes and made up games with the glow sticks and stars. All of the kids seemed to genuinely love the glowing room.

The moms were really interested in the project and the fact that the specialty paint was so affordable and simple to apply.  There may be an impeding move in our near future and I will definitely use Glidden Disney Paint again.

Best of all, Adrian is so proud of his new shared space!

Compensation and products for review were provided by Glidden via MomTrends.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Glidden.



  1. The room looks awesome! (btw, I LOVE the chandelier!!). It reminds me of my room when I was younger…I put those glow in the dark (tiny) star stickers all over my ceiling…nothing compared to THIS! Your kids are lucky 😉

    • Thanks Lisa. The chandelier is actually ancient! It was my father's gradfather's chandelier – my husband sprayed it white for Lucia's room when we moved. My kids are both really happy – and I'm so happy for my little guy too. xx

  2. The room looks amazing. When I was a little girl I also had glow in the dark stars on my walls…but they were stickers. 🙂

  3. Love the room & the party! I wish we could have attended each others parties 🙂

  4. Wow Monica!!! It looks amazing!!! The kiddies must be so happy with it! I love the Toy Story theme! Ryder had that theme when he turned two! Happy 3rd birthday!!!

    • They kids are both so happy and I'm so glad that I finally did something for my little guy. Adrian will be 3 this Friday. I can't believe it! xx

  5. Monica,

    I want to come to one of your parties! Honestly, you do the coolest things I have ever seen. Love the room, love the party ideas and love the glow-in-the-dark dance party 🙂

    So fantastic!

    • I would love to have you! I really enjoy party planning. This one was a really fun one. The kids really love the “kiddie rave” too!

  6. What a fun post! The bedroom is amazing and the party was too. 🙂

  7. wow, id love those stars for my own room. love it

  8. What a beautiful room. And I know how good it feels when you do it yourself. And the kids know that their space is a labor of love.

    • Thanks Karen. The “doing it myself” component was important to me. My husband always does this sort of stuff, because he is a builder and an artist – it just comes naturally to him. I also think it's important for the kids to see their mom doing things that they typically see their father doing. It was actually really fun and easy. My kids are over the moon. xx

  9. such a cute room… you have done an amazing job… I love it
    all the party food looks so cute too and lots of fun xx

  10. What an awesome birthday bash and now when we finally get around to painting and decorating the boys room, we'll totally have to do glow in the dark stuff.You did such a great job Monica!

    • Thanks Heather. It really was a fun adventure – from the shopping, planning, painting and partying. I'm so glad I had the chance to participate in this one.

  11. Wow–that's so fun that your threw a room reveal party! I love the glow-in-the-dark stars…Sofia would love those. As we will ultimately have Sofia and her little sister share a room, you have given some great ideas. You did a fab job!

    • The room reveal party really made Adrian feel special. We made a huge deal about his big boy bed too. The specialty finish is really amazing. My kids are so happy in their new space!

  12. LOVE LOVE and LOVE! WHat an awesome job. You so rock as a mom! xx

  13. You are incredibly creative!! The flag banner that you made really ties the room together. I love the paint that you chose too. It seems to really reflect your taste by looking minimal during the day. The Party is FANTASTIC!

    • Thanks so much. I was really happy with the bunting banner too. I'm so happy that I had the chance to improve the shared space. My children are thrilled. Thanks for all the kind words today – I really appreciate it Clara!

  14. Anonymous says

    I love it, which paint color did you use as a base?

  15. Anonymous says

    Wonderful, which white paint did you use as a base color.

  16. Anonymous says

    Wonderful which white color did you use as a base?

  17. My goodness, I LOVE this, Monica! Thank you for all the great ideas, plus Disney Paint’s creative options are blowing my mind; want to buy the glitter and glow for my own “grown up” decor at home. Your magical glow room image caught my eye on Pinterest, so really happy to have found ya. We’re a glow supplier with tons of fun LED products for kids too, so if you’d ever like to partner up on a future blog post, do let me know. Can send ya some samples on the house. Cheers! -Nikki

  18. Great! Thank you so much for sharing!


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