A Letter To My Son On His Third Birthday

To my darling Adrian,

I awoke yesterday, on your third birthday, to the sound of you discovering giant balloons overhead. You came racing into my room, with your best partner in crime, so excited to share the news of your discovery.  I looked at you and said happy birthday my love and you screamed mama it’s my birthday and jumped in bed to lay on top of me.

Oh Adrian, what a privilege it is to be your mama and to experience the depth of joy that you have brought to our family.  You demonstrate kindness every single day, and you say things that are far beyond three years. I want to make you coffee, you say every morning as you drag a chair to the counter to help me make a cup.  Before you could even speak in full sentences, and one for Lucia was always heard when you received something special.  To this very day, there is never a time that you don’t think of your sister’s inclusion in your moments of joy.  For your birthday, you asked to walk to the market to ride the horse and buy trinkets at the machine. When we arrived you stuck your little head up to the glass, peaked inside and said, let’s get that one for Lucia  and so we did.  The compassion you exude, constantly blows us away.

Almost three has  proven to be a wild age for you.  You feel things so deeply.  You want to do everything yourself.  When your meltdowns occur they are of epic proportions and when your tender words come out they are truly soul touching.  When I least expect it, you grab my face with your tiny hands and say Oh, you’re the best mama ever and smother me in kisses.  And truthfully, your sweet words and tender touch have lifted me up in love and carried me on days when I most needed it.

The thing about early childhood is that you guys are quite sneaky with this growing up business.  In my five plus years of mama-hood, I have learned that all the cliches about time hold true.  Not too long ago, I sought acupuncture to bring you into this world, ten days overdue.  And then we were on our way to Essex to ride the Thomas Steam Train and celebrate your first and then second years of life.

And now we have celebrated three blessed years and I am so excited for what will come of you.  Today I want to remember your sweet smile and the way that you nestle your head in my neck.  I want to remember your love for the moon and Eric Carle books and the way you say thank you for my beautiful peppers when I give you vegetables.  I want to remember the way that you appreciate simple pleasures, like riding the supermarket horse and playing outside.

Cheers to being big and mighty, my sweet  boy.  Let’s do three well and enjoy our fluid days together.  Let’s run match box cars across the hardwood floors and smile so big until our faces hurt. Thank you for the immense love and light that you bring.  We adore you Adrian.

In love,



  1. Happy Birthday Adrian!!

    Beautiful letter Monica. 🙂

  2. This made me tear up! What a beautiful, touching letter to your sweet boy. <3

    Happy birthday to Adrian!

  3. This was beautiful. He is a very sweet little boy.

  4. What a perfect letter to you sweet little boy. I love that he includes his sister in everything. I also love the joy over little things, and sweet-to-mama words that you are talking about here. Those moments are the best.

    Happy Birthday to your little big guy.

  5. Such a beautiful letter. It brought tears to my eyes and made me wish I had captured my boys recent third birthday with words as eloquent and heartfelt as you have. Thank you for sharing such a personal message. How lucky your kids are to have you.

  6. Absolute tear jerker. Thank you for sharing your letter to your son Adrian. He sounds like he is very sweet. Happy Birthday little boy!

  7. How nice it will be for him to read this when he is older. You ROCK.

  8. Beautiful! I can't believe he's three…when I met him he was just a little tiny nugget! Where do these years go. He is an incredible boy. You are a lucky mama xo

  9. Ahh this is so sweet. Congratulations. I bet he loves reading this when he is older 🙂



  10. This is and will be a treasure for young Adrian forever. The power of your words translates with emotion through the page. Heartfelt and beautiful.

  11. Beautiful!
    Happy Birthday Adrian!


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