Potty Training & Pull-Ups Prize Pack Giveaway {Sponsored}

The littlest Marino is turning into quite the big boy.   It’s hard to believe that in just one month, we’ll be celebrating three joyous years since the day we first met him.  He’ll soon transition into a brand new bed and I’ll be revamping his shared bedroom to reflect a bit more of his growing interests.  Although I’m often nostalgic over tiny baby memories, I am so proud of Adrian’s growing independence.  We’re frequently celebrating what feels like huge milestones in casa Marino, including Adrain’s potty training success (thank you big sister for all your help with this one)!

Three cheers for our big boy!  We’re celebrating every flush!

Pull-Ups has helped support our potty training journey with their Disney character infused products.  Just like the Disney Princesses helped motivate my Lucia Paloma to kick diapers, Adrain is bonkers over the Cars toilet-seat that was sent to him.  He is comfortable in his Cars Pull-Ups and sleeps in them at night.  Since their cool learning designs indicate when he stays dry (designs fade when wet), morning celebrations are now a frequent occurrence.   I’m a huge fan of the Pull-Ups flushable wipes – as mama is the principle tush cleaner-upper over here!

Proudly stating the name of all of  the cars on his new toilet seat.  

We’ve even had the chance to commend Adrian’s efforts in 3D by downloading the Pull-Ups Big Kid App. Since every try deserves a little celebration, children earn virtual stars that are used to unlock special rewards.  This is a cool activity for my praise-seeking toddler because he earns short games with his favorite Disney Characters.  Adrian now asks to see his beloved Buzz Lightyear as soon as he finishes washing his hands. 

Helping Buzz Lightyear to protect the world from space rocks in the Pull Ups Big Kid App

Win It: Pull-Ups is giving away a Pull-Ups prize pack just like the one pictured above (US only and 18+).  This prize includes Pull-Ups training pants, flushable wipes and a Disney toilet seat (winner will specify gender and size).  Enter to win in the below widget and a winner will be selected in one week.

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Find more ways to celebrate every flush on the Big Kid app at pull-ups.com, on facebook and via this fun video

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  1. Have lots and lots of patience and wait for signs that they are ready

  2. Be patient and prepared for a mess

  3. Consistency is really helpful especially between parents

  4. Everytime I go to the bathroom I take my youngest daughter with me. Watching me sit on the toilet made her want to sit on hers, and she got comfortable with it very quickly. We cheer eachother on when we go potty, lol.

  5. I was ALL or going with the pull-ups…until the other day when my son pointed to the bathroom door, said he had to pee, and went on OUR toilet! That was that! He's had a few accidents but since then he's been going commando (don't have enough pants/underwear for him!) and he's doing great!!! I didn't think it would be THIS easy! 😉

  6. Plenty of patience and let them lead.

  7. Plenty of patience and let them lead.

  8. Keep it consistent and use lots of patience.
    hschonrock at yahoo dot com

  9. i tend to wake my boys up during the night for potty break so they dont wet their bed s

  10. To follow your child's lead. Too many of my friends want their kids potty trained by a certain date and I think the pressure just sets up “failure”. My son is not ready at 2.5 and I'm ok with that!


  11. My best tip is to buy a new toilet seat with a built in potty seat. So much easier!

  12. My best tipis to follow your child's lead

  13. rene miller says

    take them when you go

  14. I guess my biggest tip is to wait till they're ready.

  15. My daughter was potty trained in one day- I simply took her diapers and she couldn't stand it! My son is another story, I have been trying to potty train him now for months and he has no interest!

  16. My best tip is to prepare yourself for it mentally. It is not a fun process.

  17. We've done the best with rewards, such as a sticker chart.

  18. I like to start slow. Use the potty a few times a day, and keep adding more, then back off a bit to let them have control. They will use it when they are ready. Don't feel like you have to do it all at once.
    Elizabeth Godschalx Wisniewski

  19. Have boys aim for Cheerios in the toilet.

  20. Patience is a must.

  21. I trained my daughter using a food timer, every 30 minutes it rang, I would put her on the potty, worked great!

  22. Laura Jacobson says

    My best tip is to not push, and take lots of potty trips. We have some books by his little potty and sometimes we sit and read!

  23. My best tip is to not worry about training based on age, what I mean by that is that as soon as my son turned two everyone told me he had to be trained. We tried but he was just not ready and it ended in failure

    (d schmidt in widget)

  24. Patience! My oldest grandson was scared at first, but after the first few days he finally got the hang of it. Have a great reward waiting for them, too. My grandson loved M&Ms.

  25. Listen to your kids and don't force it. Until they are ready it's not worth the mess or hassle.

    Jennifer at Utahqueenofchaos.com

  26. dont rush them…they will get it

  27. Patience, consistency, and rewards are my tips for potty training

  28. I've only done it once so far, but I took her to the store and let her pick out her special big girl panties. Then she tried really hard not to get her Princess panties wet, because if she did, she had to wear a pull-up again until the Princesses got washed and dried. It only took a couple days before there were no more daytime oopses. Still had the occasional night time one for a few months.

  29. do it when they are ready!

  30. Have yet to start PT but I guess you need loads of patience.

  31. Consists, worked wonders with me, also don't do it when you are in the middle of moving.

  32. try and try and try again.

    mendyd15 at yahoo dot com

  33. Offer a small reward for using the restroom each time! My mother in law potty trained our oldest son by giving him a penny for every time he used the potty, he was small so that was a big deal to him at that time and he even saved up a good amount of money!
    priscillavbenavides at yahoo dotcom

  34. Always put a pull up at night

  35. 1 word- consistancy!!!!!

  36. Have patience and a lot of time.

  37. What worked with my son was telling him how proud I was of him and wht a big boy he is

  38. Giving them praise and consistancy

  39. Celebrate (clap, shout) when she uses the potty.

  40. no drnks after 5pm

  41. I have “potty prizes”.

  42. I need potty training tips! lol! Being positive with your child.

  43. Be positive, with yourself and your child.

  44. Patience and consistency.

  45. Congrats to your big boy! potty training is such a huge accomplishment:)

  46. I forgot to mention that my best tip is to always be consistent and provide some sort of incentive (stickers, m&ms, games, small prizes)

  47. Be persistent once they realize it is something they have to do all the time they get it.

  48. Don't get mad when there are accidents. Because there WILL be accidents.

  49. Yay! The nighttime stuff is the hardest. My tip: You don't have to spend a bunch of money on singing baby potties and instructional DVDs. And I'm with Julie on the incentives!

  50. be patient and encouraging

  51. I don't have any potty training tips yet – we're about to start that joyous battle. 🙂

  52. Patience and incentives.

  53. consistency!

  54. Lots of praise and a little reward for incentive.

  55. Consistency is so very important.

  56. I haven't gotten there yet, but as a child, I was successfully bribed with lovely lacy panties with the little embroidered roses and lots of logic about growing up and not having pee-pee-poopy pants… totally worked!

  57. I haven't gotten there yet, but as a child, I was successfully bribed with lovely lacy panties with the little embroidered roses and lots of logic about growing up and not having pee-pee-poopy pants… totally worked!

  58. I haven't gotten there yet, but I do know that as a child, my mother bribed me with the big-girl pretty, lacy panties with embroidered roses, that I could only wear if I wasn't going to have accidents. She said that, and a bit of logic about growing up and not having pee-pee-poopy pants definitely worked with me!

  59. Peer pressure! Both our kids did way better potty training when they saw friends using the potty.

  60. keep cool it will eventually happen

  61. Patience and hershey kisses 🙂

  62. Make potty training fun with lots of rewards or you're wasting your time!

  63. My best tip is to take the stress out of it. They'll be able to potty by kindergarten. Push them and stress about it and everybody loses.

  64. Patience and lots of wipes!

  65. Patience and Mini M&M's

  66. You need to be consistent every day work at it,patience and treats (skittle) when they succeed with lots of praise..!! Thanks for this giveaway!

  67. Start when your child is ready and don't force it if they're not.

  68. Start when they're ready!

  69. Yahoo.coding tip, to help the little boy potty train…we put fruit loops in the toilet. They are colorful and fun to aim at!

  70. For boys its the cheerios trick for girls I bribe with candy.

  71. Offer a small reward every time they go potty in the toilet

  72. When the child is ready to potty train, they will let you know

  73. Bella made me buy her the boys Pull-Ups today. She loves the movie Cars. Awesome. lol

  74. livivua on rafflecopter

    reward for every step of the process!

  75. I'm only beginning to go through the potty training with Sofia, so I can't give any tips! I guess to not push your child and start when you know they are ready. Thanks for this great giveaway Monica!

  76. Anonymous says

    Keep asking them if they have to go potty but don't pressure them when they are they will let you know Lori H

  77. I don't have any yet. My first isn't potty trained yet.

  78. have to have a schedule and even if the kid says they don't need to go, i still sit them on the potty and 9 out of 10 times they get something out 🙂

  79. Patience!

  80. shelley W. says

    be consistent.. be consistent… be consistent…

  81. cheerios for little boys!

  82. Every trip I make my the restroom we see if we need to go.

  83. Be patient and always remind or ask them if they want to go potty 🙂

  84. Go slow if need be, sometimes they're just not ready.

  85. Reward them any time they go potty when and where they should.

  86. be patient

  87. Have your kids watch the Elmo Potty Time dvd

  88. I have no idea. I'm still trying to get it started for my 2 year old. Patience!

  89. consistency and patience!

  90. Buy them their own special underwear that they get to choose. momlovesdeals at gmail dot com

  91. I don't really have one, I've tried everything for my daughter and she still doesn't want to potty train.

  92. Be patient and praise them a lot.

  93. Be patient and praise them a lot.

  94. Introduce but then wait until the child is ready. Do not push when they are very young.

  95. Mine is to stay positive! (lol, I keep telling myself this!)

  96. Anonymous says

    make sure your spouse is out of the house. And be persistent. I used m&m's and didn't bgive in.

  97. Stephanie Caplan says

    Reward! Sticker chart, small prizes, make them feel like they are accomplishing something everytime they go!

  98. Get 'em on the toilet about 20 minutes after a meal. As more comes in, more must come out. 😛

  99. Be patient and give prizes!

  100. Patience!

  101. Be patient and always remember to ask them if they need to use the potty! (:

  102. Take your time & try to not get bent out of shape if it doesn't go like you were expecting.

  103. Wait til they are ready, wait some more, and then wait some more! (Don't start trying too early!)

  104. Wait until they're ready.
    Gingeroo616 at AOL dotcom

  105. My best advice is Patience! Rewards help also.

  106. Patience and minimal rewards

  107. Don’t try pushing it before your kid is ready! I had big issues with my oldest son, because I tried potty training him when he was a year old. It ended up blowing up in my face, and he didn't become fully potty trained until he was three.

  108. With my first I just gave up changing him and made him quit what he was doing and go shower change clothes, bundle up and take it to the garbage bin. He decided to train perfectly within 3 days. The others have been easier.

  109. Always use a reward system.

  110. Wait until they are ready & willing before you even start & also give a reward!

  111. Don't ever get mad at your child positive encouragement is always the best and know that every child is different!

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