Moments Alone In Motherhood

Although my children are no longer tiny babies, there isn’t a whole lot of child-free leisure going on.  My days are usually pretty fragmented with little time for recuperation when needed.  But once in a great while, I find myself alone, seeking solitude within.  Moments of clarity occur in the grocery isle, the shower and the trips home from acupuncture.  Inner silence is often found while walking down a busy street.  And when those fleeting moments in my own space and time are over, I’m convinced that I return to the people I love a better person because of them.

Today took me to a beautiful lunch alone, in NYC’s Bryant Park.


  1. It's wonderful to have some time away, especially if you can just relax and enjoy some quiet. I am so glad you have the chance to do that.

  2. such a beautiful photo :)i love NYC
    alone time is great… xxx

  3. One thing I've realized since I started blogging: I do my best thinking in the shower.
    I love that you make the most of every moment alone.

    • So many of my best thoughts are in the shower too. And I don't have that much time alone – especially to eat lunch in a park! I do try and maximize that time as best as I can.

  4. Oh those precious alone moments how I long for you! Love this photo and good for you for finding those very necessary moments!

  5. I need those moments badly, but I'm so thankful for spring because it has allowed the boys and I to go for walks, or bike rides, or just play outside in our own backyard which has helped a little in that department. Most of the time I'm running in two different directions making sure the 16 month old isn't gonna hurt himself by climbing up the deck stairs. still this is just a moment in time and I have to learn how to enjoy it and stress less!

    • I agree that just a shift to more outdoor time is super helpful for all of us. I think that we are all happier over here after what felt like a long winter. xx

  6. Looks like a nice day in New York!

    I agree moments of solitude are very important for all of us.

    • It was such a nice day! I even went to the fashion district after a blogging event and drooled over trimmings and fabric. I still think about this day. Hope all is well.

  7. Oh my goodness…how gorgeous is that park.

    I. Must. Visit. N.Y.C. 🙂

  8. Love this post. So very true. When I get away I always return refreshed and ready to take on the family.
    I love this photo – the tiny buds on the trees are such a magnificent shade of green!

  9. Love the post!!! I agree w/ you 🙂
    Bjs, Ana

  10. Beautiful. I am so glad that you got such much needed time to yourself. I understand the importance.

  11. Beautiful capture. I manage to find some me time when hubby comes home and I close myself in my studio and write or watch some tv shows I like

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  13. What a beautiful moment – I love the feeling of being alone outside. x

  14. as much as i love being with my husband and daughter, i crave alone time, just time to sit and read, or sit and write

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