Children’s Shared Bedroom with Glidden Disney Paint {Sponsored}

In my home, we are big DIYers.  My husband and I find considerable pleasure in the creative process and tackling projects ourselves.  When Lucia (our oldest) transitioned into a big girl bed, a great deal of sewing, re-purposing and refurbishing took place.  Our redecorating efforts felt incredibly special, and we were all happy with the outcome.

Adrian moved into his older sister’s room around his first birthday and we didn’t do much to gender neutralize the room.  We added a shelf, purchased two gorgeous crib sheets and rearranged a bookshelf.  At nearly two years later, the room still has a much stronger feminine pull.

It’s hard to believe that my boy (my baby!) will be three-years-old next month.  We were in the midst of brainstorming a possible room-redo to celebrate his big-boyhood, when an opportunity to test our Glidden’s line of Disney Paints serendipitously appeared.  It gave me the push I finally needed to make Adrian feel special in his shared space; however I was a bit apprehensive about making all parties happy.  I’ll admit that I am a lover of white, bright spaces with a soft serene feel, but I also want my children to be happy.  I needed to find something that big sister and mama would also approve of – a tall order indeed!

We ventured to Wallmart with kids in tow, prepared for massive disagreement.  I think that my heart may have skipped a beat when I spotted an entire DIY section (complete with sewing supplies and fabric!) and my kids were immediately all over the rows of Glidden’s Disney Paint.  They saw their favorite characters displayed in the Glidden paint section, and conversed amongst themselves about their new room.  I thought that all had gone array when Lucia attached herself to a can of Disney All That Glitters Interior Specialty Paint (declaring that Cinderella’s picture was speaking to her!)  Keeping the emphasis on celebrating Adrian, we found our answer in a quart of Disney Ready-Set-Glow Interior Specialty Paint.  The kids were over-the-moon about adding intergalactic-glowing-fun to their room, and we can’t wait to surprise Adrain with Buzz Lightyear themed bedding.  Luckily, mama was pacified after learning that the luminous, translucent topcoat would add cool glowing accents when the lights are turned off  (ie. still maintaining light-walled serenity).

One of the greatest things about this project is that Glidden Disney Paint (exclusive to Walmart) offers an affordable way to decorate with inspirations from Disney Magic that children know and love.  My bambini, like so many I know, are definitely character driven, and as a parent I feel safe embarking on painting their room because Glidden Disney Paint is low odor and has no VOCs (an absolute must in my book.).  This premium-quality paint comes in 112 exclusive colors and five innovative specialty finishes.  Its distinct collection of colors has specialty palette groups catering to various styles and ages (from infant to tween).  Furthermore, room decorating at Walmart is easy as Glidden Disney paint colors were created to complement each other and  pieces from Walmart’s line of Disney bedding and accessories.  It is also specially formulated  to be ultra-durable to withstand wear and tear by messy littles – a definite necessity in my home!

Before leaving Walmart, I was able to pick up a ton of party food, supplies and a $50 Walmart gift card door-prize (be on the lookout for my room reveal party post!).  I don’t get to Walmart that often as there isn’t one close to us, but it truly felt like a one-stop-shop and the prices were unbelievable.

I can’t wait to get started!

Compensation and products for review were provided by Glidden via MomTrends.  The opinions expressed herein are my own and are not indicative of the opinions of Glidden.



  1. Wow! I have no idea Disney had a paint line. This something I could use to enhance my daughter's bedroom.

  2. there used to be disney paint at home depot and they had those awesome mickey head paint chips. I so hope walmart has those!

    • I used to always distract my kiddos in the paint card section of Home Depot! I didn't spot any at Walmart – but there are other bloggers working on this campaign and some of the Disney Paint sections are really elaborate.

  3. So excited to see the results of this project. Thanks so much for participating.

  4. That did turn out to be a win-win for all, awesome! I'm looking forward to hearing about the experience with the paint. We're about to do a re-do here too, with little man transitioning from a 'baby room' to a 'big boy room.' Aside from the bunk beds he has now, we haven't done anything and he's 5. It's time.

  5. Disney paint? That's so fun. I can't wait to see what the kiddies' room looks like after the “makeover” 🙂

  6. Ohhh…cannot wait to see pics of their room! 🙂

  7. ohh do post pictures when room is done!!

  8. You are so creative and crafty. I really looking forward to the outcome! So cool that you were selected for this.

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