The Odor House

She is growing in leaps and bounds, as is her imagination.  Last week while cooking dinner, she was disappointed when the garlic pealing came to an end.  So she took some cloves to use for her art.  And with it, she made an “odor house” for her father. 

When she was fast asleep, I studied her strange sketch of a house with peeled garlic glued to it, and thought about how she stirs and provokes my own creativity.  I am so thankful for this little girl and the beauty she breathes into my everyday, with her truly bizarre little ways.

She is most certainly my daughter. 



  1. Lovely picture 🙂
    Vintage Inspired Fashion by Independent Designers for Your Little darling

  2. Ha ha!! I'm sorry maybe she thinks daddy needs to go to the “oder” house because he stinks? LOL! This would be so something we would talk about in my house because my husband tends to deliberately be on the gross side sometimes. I don't know why men think this is some sort of turn on for women. Its a major turn off. But how funny to make an “oder” house for daddy. Very cute, and I love your home decor. Every thing seems bright and cheery. I'm trying to do the same with our place.

  3. very sweet <3

  4. Ha!! I saw this on instagram and I thought “what in the world makes an odor house?” now I know, sweet girl!!!

  5. That's wonderful that you encourage her, I know she'll appreciate it both now and later when she's old enough to reflect on it. 🙂

  6. Jill at Tiny Fashions says

    I believe that creativity evokes creativity. You are raising your children in such beautiful ways. This is such a sweet and funny story. Did you keep the odor house?

    • I think so too and am often inspired by my own children. Thanks for the kind comment and the odor house was trashed that night while she was sleeping!

  7. A house out of garlic? Lucia is a creative child in a beautiful home. I enjoyed the odor house.

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