Stokke Stroller Launch With Momtrends

Where I live, strollers are much more than transporters of our most precious cargo.  For a mama like me who depends on my own two feet for transportation, my stroller needs to perform more like an all terrain vehicle.  I look for durability, ease of use on city streets and overall comfort factor.

Since Momtrends is well known for their partnership in helping to launch many of the most sought after products, I was thrilled to attend their Stokke Chic event at the gorgeous Glasshouse showcasing Stokke’s newest strollers, Crusi and Scoot.   Along with other bloggers, I was able to test out both strollers and was impressed with the brilliant designs, maneuverability and adaptability.  I also had a chance to hear Stokke’s Director of Innovation and Design, Hilde Angelfoss speak about the design process emphasizing the child’s connection to the parent (i.e. the high seat design) and comfort in the stroller.

Stokke original Xplory, new Crusi and Scoot Strollers at Momtrends Stoke Chic Event.

The Stokke Crusi can be used from birth and is a new option in the single-to-double stroller arena.  It can easily convert from single to duo seating and is a stroller that I would have loved to use while both of my children were in strollers.  I’m not a fan of side-by-side doubles as they feel cumbersome and overpowering.  The Crusi’s sleek design actually feels more like a single (when in duo mode).   I’m impressed with the Crusi’s flexibility, the luxe feel of the seats/materials, and the overall size.

I also tested out Stokke’s new lightweight Scoot stroller.  It’s so smooth I imagine pushing it with one hand and was impressed with the simple single-hand fold.  It’s an excellent option for the urban parent who needs to lug her stroller on a train, or a suburbanite who’s looking for extra comfort in a travel stroller.

Like all of Stokke’s products, both strollers are designed to grow with the child.  They also have adjustable handlebars, substantial underseat baskets and adjustable footrests to curtail dangling feet.  They come in an assortment of  colors (I especially love the sleek grey seen below) and will be available for purchase later this month.

I even had the chance to ham it up on the red carpet (so fitting during fashion week’s kick off) with my stroller of choice, a beautiful Brahmin bag, and Stella & Dot Jewelery.

Thank you Momtrends and Stokke for a fabulous event!

I received a gift bag with Stokke products at the event.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.  All photos via Momtrends. 



  1. Loved having you at the event Monica!

  2. OMG! I love everything Stokke. These strollers look fantastic and I must say you look pretty fantastic with them!!



  3. You look like a pro with a stroller 🙂

  4. You look so cute with your leg kicked up! Does this mean that there is a possibility of Lucia and Adrian becoming a big sister / big brother in the near future? *Giggling with excitement* 🙂

    Jessica at Boys Oh Boys

    • I was really hamming it up, wasn't I? The leg kick was sort of joke, but the photographer seemed to like it and asked me to do it again. I would love to have a third someday but am also so happy w the two littles that I have. xx

  5. following you now. 😀 cool stroller. you look like you're at the emmy's or something with that red carpet

  6. A stroller that is versitle and converts to a double without added bulk….love it. A definiate bookmark for me to check out in the future.

    Your red carpet pic is cute. Too bad we didn't live closer to one another, your joy for “just being” and “living it up” is apparent as you are hamming around.

    • The lack of bulk is what I liked most too – my double stroller (I now use it in single mode w an attached boogie board) feels like a monster truck! Thanks so much for your kind comment – I'd love to hang out with you too!

  7. You look so cute in that red carpet picture!!
    Bjs, Ana

  8. Stokke looks awesome. Would love to see how it converts to single to duo seating!

  9. Stokke looks awesome and I'd love to see how it converts to a double! Now when is it going to come to Canada is what I wanna know 😉

  10. The first thing that I noticed in those pics on the red carpet is your bag! HAHA Can you tell that I am not a mama? 🙂

    You look cute sporting that stroller…time for baby number 3. 🙂

  11. The event looks so incredible. So cool to learn about all those strollers too

  12. Thank you for the detailed post!

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