Potty Training Tips with Pull-Ups {Sponsored}

I’m by no means a potty training expert (or expert in anything parenting related for that matter).  I am simply a big believer in figuring out what works best for my family.  Pull-Ups is motivating moms to stick with Potty Training, and I’m sharing some of my own tips over the next few months, on behalf of their Madrinas del Baño campaign.

Potty training and many aspects of parenting often come with (well intentioned) advice from others.  Some of us know a friend who trained their kid in one week with absolutely no regressions, or come from cultures that preach training well before the age of two.  I believe in listening to my littles!  For me, that meant introducing a potty when my kiddos started to tug at their diapers or talk about going to the bathroom. It also meant only absorbing advice that truly resonated with me, and that I perceived to be suitable for my child.  I also believe in approaching this milestone with compassion and the understanding that each child is incredibly different. 

When it comes to potty training, the adage it takes a village to raise a child is true.  If your child has an older sibling – put ’em to work!  I partially credit my 5 year old daughter for my son’s potty training success.  Adrian loves to imitate his older sister and she encourages him to go on his potty whenever she needs to go.  When Lucia was in nursery school, I believe that she benefited from her group bathroom trips.  While she was working on her potty training success she knew that all of her little friends were too.  I’m also big on enlisting the help of family, friends and caretakers.  If you have a method that’s working for your child – it is important to stick to your plan and ensure that all support systems are on board.  

Perhaps my favorite tip is enthusiastically embracing the potty talk (at home). I honestly think that it helps to normalize the potty training process if children can lightheartedly converse and giggle about it with their parents and siblings.  One of our favorite books at home is Everybody Poops by Taro Gomi.  We’ve talked about the bodily functions of our children’s favorite characters when the situation calls for it, and many of our favorite songs have been modified to cater to our potty training adventures.  When it comes to potty training – humor helps! 

Just like Pull-Ups Every Flush Campaign, I believe that every try deserves a little celebration! Little ones are built to thrive on praise and encouragement.  Celebrating their efforts (and never reprimanding potty accidents) are huge components of potty training success.  So bring out the bells and whistles, the stickers and rewards.  Check out the below video (and Pull-Ups facebook page) and make your littles feel like cheerleaders, acrobats and virtual balloons are serenading them in the middle of Times Square.  Celebrate every flush!

This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Pull Ups.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.  



  1. such cute photos of your son! We are still potty training and our son is nearly 4. My girls were potty trained by 2.5. Every child is so different, as you said it takes patience and understanding.

  2. Oh I remember those days! I will show this blog to my daughter who is expecting a baby soon!

  3. We're not there just yet however my son has been “interested” in the potty for the last 6 months! He “tells” us when he needs to go so we let him sit on it…that's about it! I don't want to push it up because all of the interest has actually come from HIM! Lately though (since my daughter was born) he's slightly regressed. I'm not so worried because he's still 22 months. I wonder though, would it be better to wait until after our big trip to Italy in June?!! What's easier on a plane…diapers or potty???!!!! Help! 😉

    • It is so great that your son is letting you know when he needs to go! My daughter also had a major regression when her brother was born. Like I said in my post – I only know what has worked with my own kiddos! What about putting your son in pull-ups (and I'm not just saying that because this is a sponsored post!)? I tried to rush my daughter into underwear without turning back when she was doing well with training – and that actually wasn't the best idea for her at the time. She had a hard time with a new sibling coming and was also in a nursery program that really pushed kids to be fully trained. I ended up using pull-ups for a while and told her that they were not diapers and she could easily push them down when she needed to use the potty. She was also really thrilled about the characters on the pull-ups. I also think that a folding potty seat helps. I keep one in my stroller to make my son more comfortable when we are out of the house. Have a fantastic trip to Italy – I hope to bring my own family someday!!

    • Would you believe I've never heard of a folding potty tray?! lol! Actually, I'm not even sure I'd use pull-ups (sorry!). My son gets really freaked out by messes, dirty hands, etc. Just the other day he had a little accident on the carpet (while my husband was running around after him trying to get his diaper on!) and he seemed so grossed out and disgusted with himself! It was actually really funny to see his expression!! I think we might wait until we go to Italy (he'll be half-naked on the beach every day anyway) and just go commando…I really think that tactic might work with him!

    • I hadn't heard of one either! When my daughter showed a strong preference for her potty seat (that is placed on the toilet) over regular toilets I just searched on amazon. I found a plastic folding potty seat, that I could place on the toilet when out of the house. It has also really helped with my son, who is a bit scared of sitting on a regular toilet. Going commando worked for my son too! He got so used to being commando at home and won't ever have accidents if he's not wearing clothes..he sometimes still does in clothes. And no pressure here at all to use pull-ups!! They were the solution for my daughter (who had accidents in her underwear) when she was two and in a nursery program that wanted all kiddos to be fully trained. Since her previous diapers were tan color and free of characters, she was excited about pull-ups(that definitely were not diapers!). Being free on the beaches of Italy sounds amazing! I also think that there is something about warm weather that makes the training process better for the little ones.

    • Well, we could always try both ways! I'm ALSO hoping the warm weather will speed up the process! lol! I'll let you know how it goes 😉

  4. Oh, those pictures are adorable!

    I am totally and admittedly dreading potty training! I don't know why it makes me so nervous. These are all super helpful tips — thank you for sharing! <3

    • I was so nervous with both kiddos too (it's a big deal)! It's also a step away from babyhood which can be hard on us mamas sometimes too. Thanks so much for visiting.

  5. I was lucky to get help from the school my daughter attends. They started prepping her a few months before we transition to undies permanently. They made it easy for us and I am really grateful for that. Your pictures are very cute and perfect for the topic 🙂

  6. We are not at potty training stage yet…soo dreading it. However it's nice to know that I can count on so many great momma's like yourself for great advice.

    • Thanks for the sweet message – and I understand the feelings of dread! It's so important to have mama support and we move through these big milestones. xx

  7. Potty training is the bane of my existence right now. I SO hope that my boys get it soon. After our upcoming vacation it is going to be priority #1.

    Love this post 🙂

  8. I have to say your little one is so adorable with those faces and the toilet paper! Cute!! I know what worked for us might not work for others, but it was setting designated times for potty time, right when J woke up, before and after meals and nap times and total immersion in potty training underwear so that he would feel wet and use the potty. Yes that meant cleaning up the mess, but thankfully it wasn't that bad. He did at times refuse to go in the potty, I found him peeing on the kitchen floor one time. It was definitely a trying time and I will have to do it all over again soon with baby number two.

    Heather from Mommy Only Has 2 Hands

  9. Oh my goodness…Adrian is adorable!!! I love those pics with him and the toilet paper. 🙂

  10. Such a cute post!! Love it 🙂
    bjs, Ana

  11. Thanks Ana.

  12. Aww such a cutie! Thanks for sharing this post Monica! Our potty training is about to commence and I'm not sure how I feel about it – kinda nervous? hehe. My little bean is showing his independent side and our bathroom is his favourite hang out while keep flushing the toilet! So I guess we're almost there LOL. xx Donah

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