My Boy

This little boy has such a special bond with his mama.  He still greets me with snuggles every morning and never fails to give me a running hug when I open my arms to him.  A few days ago he said “Let’s get married mama, but first we have to get my stroller”.  

Best Boyfriend Sweater c/o Tailor and Stylist
Oh my heart.


  1. LOVE this picture, and the story. What a cutie. These are the memories you need to keep and cherish forever, especially in those teen years!

  2. Love the post! Love the pic…x

  3. Aww!!! I can't wait for these moments! The lovey-dovey “conversations” have started (somewhat) with my son…just the other day he said to me, “bacio..mama!” He wanted a kiss! My heart melted! Your boy is SO adorable and I love the way he is looking into your eyes in this pic. Priceless 😉

  4. Oh Monica, I hope you always have that bond. I remember my son being that way up until he turned 11 or 12. After that it was like he wanted to but held back. I did my best to still smother him with love. It's kinda heartbreaking when they are teens and trying to be tough. My son will be 18 next month and he has just started opening back up again.
    The bond between a mother and son is a lot different than that between a mother and her daughter.

  5. Amazing blog 🙂 I follow You now and I hope that you like my blog too! Have a great day ❤

    xx San☽

  6. How sweet! I love the hugs, snuggles, cuddles and kisses I get from my boys now, I am just afraid they won't last much longer. Just like Jennifer said they grow up and “get tough” and don't want to have anything to do with mom. ← That's my biggest fear! ;(

  7. Awww….how adorable 🙂 He is too sweet. Cherish that bond between you two.

    Love your boots by the way. HAHA

    • I do Cherish it Tami! I too love the boots (Michael Kors) and they happen to match the elbow patches on my “best boyfriend” sweater from Tailor and Stylist perfectly!

  8. Awe!!!! What a sweetie he is!! 🙂

  9. Ohhhh…. I am looking forward to the day I hear my son tell me that. What a sweet photo. Your little guy is adorable 🙂

  10.!! How adorable is that?!?! So sweet!

  11. Awwww There is nothing sweeter than that bond we share with our kids, is there? You look gorgeous as always and I absolutely ADORE this photo of you and your son! Happy Valentine's Day to you and your loves <3!

  12. Is that a Wooden Ships jumper (Australian for sweater) you are wearing

  13. This post is so so sweet! Look at how your son is looking into your eyes! I love your style. That sweater looks so versatile.

  14. He is such a sweetie. Thank you.

  15. Oh My heart is right. Adorable and cute sweater!

  16. Boys and their mommies, it is the best. I am the only gal in my home and I love all three of my boys love me so!! It's the bestest!!
    Love those boots u have on!

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