Flower Fairy Headbands DIY

I love making things for my Lucia – as the creative process is twofold.  My vision, followed through from start to finish becomes a vehicle of five-year-old fantasy when placed into my daughter’s hands.  With her imagination, she is free and uninhibited, and I am her quiet observer, immersed in her day dreams.

My flower fairy headbands were inspired by the flower fairy and leaf queen crowns that I made for Lucia last year. I see her love for costumes, props and elaborate fantasy play as such a fun celebration of childhood.

The headband making process is beyond simple and easily customizable.  Begin by cutting faux leaves and flowers off of stems and matching leaves of different sizes into pairs.  I cut the plastic backings completely off of the flowers to ensure that they lay flat. I also cut off tiny balls to embellish with. Small pearls, crystals and broken pieces of jewelry are also fun things to adorn flowers with.

Use a glue gun to cover both sides of the headband in overlapping leaves. The smaller leaves should be close to the ears (so that the headband can comfortably fit on the child’s head) .  Arrange flowers (and anything else) and go glue gun crazy.

Let the headbands dry thoroughly.

And watch the fairy magic begin.
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  1. Oh my gosh, these are fabulous! How beautiful!

  2. These are so, so pretty! What DIY fun!

  3. Very very pretty!!

  4. This is adorable and I love your model. She is wearing the perfect headband and skirt for Spring. Cute and great craft.

  5. Oh wow, how adorable!! Pretty just like Mommy. I love your site Monica, glad I found you via the FB group! Following you know sweetie.

    xx Donah

  6. You make it look so easy. I love it. My girls are at the age where they would pull it out and tear it to pieces 🙁

  7. WOW!! I really need to get more crafty when it comes to my daughters hair!!

  8. This in incredible! I love it!! You are so talented!

  9. That is so adorable! You have such a talent!

  10. This looks like a professional-made headband 🙂 It's beautiful, as is the little cutie who is wearing it!

  11. I love DIY! How gorgeous is she with that headband on!?? LOVE HER!

  12. Monica this is such a creative idea. And original too. Why haven't I seen more little girls with flower headbands like this? I wish I had a daughter just so I could make one of these too. The best part or course? Her expressions, so sweet.
    Leslie (Gwen Moss)

  13. very cute. i wish i was that talented and creative. I'd try to make money by making them.

  14. The headbands are really nice. The photos are GORGEOUS!!

  15. GORGEOUS!!! Your a pro. These are so beautiful. Do I hear Fairy party?

  16. they are amazing, u need to start selling them

  17. Cutest things ever!! Wow – super cool.

  18. Lucia is a little model already. 🙂 Too sweet.

  19. Absolutely beautiful (the headband AND the model). I love my boys, but I SO wanted a girl. This is one of the reasons why!

  20. Ahh these are so so adorable!

  21. Love your great ideas

  22. Absolutely beautiful!!!

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