LeapFrog’s Tag Reading System & Leap And The Lost Dinosaur Tag Book {Review}

In this space, I only share products that I can stand behind, would want my own children (or myself) to use, and be (what I perceive to be) of value to my readers.  I’m always excited to partner with LeapFrog and recently had the chance to review their Leap And The Lost Dinosaur Tag Book  in conjunction with  the Tag Reading System.  

My five year old daughter Lucia learned to read this past fall.  I’m still so amazed by this massive milestone and am so proud to see her budding confidence and interest in reading soar.  I work on academics with her daily and also believe in the learning that takes place during lots of creative, unstructured play.  I’m happy to have intuitive educational devices to use at her leisure, and the tag reading system gives Lucia an independent means to work on her reading skills in a captivating way disguised as play (it’s brilliant, really). 

With the touch of a quickly responsive stylus-like pen, Lucia can sound out individual words at her own pace, listen to an entire story, or hear specific facts through her Tag Reader.  LeapFrog carries a great selection of physical books (aimed for ages 4-8) that are brought to life after easily downloading the audio to a computer, to add to the Tag Reader’s internal memory via the included USB cable.

Leap and the Lost Dinosaur (aimed for ages 5-8) goes back to prehistoric days and includes facts about over 25 different dinosaurs.  It comes with 15 interactive playing cards (and an extra universal card in the event that cards are misplaced).  Luckily, the cards can be tucked into a designated pocket in the book and my children diligently put them away as the interactive card game is what they enjoy most.  What’s most impressive about my family’s experience with Leap and the Lost Dinosaur is the amount of advanced dinosaur vocabulary both of my children are now rattling off.  My daughter recently drew a picture of an Euoplocephalus and attempted to “quiz” me on what I thought it was.  When she saw my uncertainty, she suggested I think about the “cretaceous” period and told me to look at its “clubbed tail”.  She also suggested that I “imagine a turtle the size of a car”. 

Reading Leap And The Lost Dinosaur on her Tag Reading System in Bryant Park. 

It seems as if I have some Dino learning of my own to do.  

As a LeapFrog Parent, LeapFrog provided me with a Tag Reading System and a Leap And The Lost Dinosaur Tag Book  for the purpose of review.  As in all my reviews, all opinions are my own.



  1. We love our Tag- I'd love for you to add this post to my Cozy Book Hop, if you're interested. It's open all week, stop by whenever you want


  2. I recently bought a tag pen for Jack (or better Santa brought it) to help him with his English. He loves it, it's such a great device. The book looks like fun, we have the things that go one and he loves it. I just wish they had a bit more choice in non tv-based books…

    • Hi Natali – Thanks so much for visiting and commenting. There are a few books that are not centered around children's TV-shows that I'm really impressed with. The Tag Interactive Human Body Discovery pack is amazing. Lucia's shown such an interest in learning about how different parts of the body work together from this book. I'm so impressed about how much info she's retained about the skeletal system from this book (ie properly identify where her ulna and radius are located!). I also really like the get ready for Kindergarten book. We don't have cable, but my kids are still drawn to the popular characters. I actually think that the it makes learning more fun for her, when she can “play” learning games with characters that she is currently interested in. I guess it's helpful to have variety.

    • Thanks for the tips Monica! We have the get ready for kindergarten book and I agree it's great, a nice variety of games and stories. The human body pack and the space pack look really interesting, I think they're still a bit too difficult for now but definitely will keep them in mind!

  3. Thanks for stopping by! My babies are all grown up but I still think you have a great blog!

  4. Thanks Sharon!

  5. I love your blog for that reason, that you post reviews for products you can stand behind. I do the same. I appreciate any offer, but there are certain companies or products that I feel comfortable standing behind and choose to do so. I know Ethan is still a little young, but I love your Leapfrog posts and your reviews on them! Look how cute Lucia looks in that picture, I love her leggings (are they leggings? I'm not well versed in girl's clothing, hahahaha). This looks so neat!

    • Thanks so much Lindsay. Like you, I'm also grateful when brands reach out, but authenticity is so important and I'd never share a product that wasn't the right match. Having the chance to partner with LeapFrog has been one of the greatest unexpected blessings to come out of this little space. My children have responded so well to their products because they are incredibly fun, yet saturated with crucial curriculum. As I've mentioned in all of my other LeapFrog posts, I'd never view an electronic device as a substitute for one on one time. Yet, I've realized through testing LeapFrog products, that it's great for my daughter to get a “break” from working with me and feel accomplishment all on her own.
      Lucia was thrilled to style her outfit that day and wear her leopard tights! I was going to work that little fact into the post, but it didn't exactly fit. I'll have to tell her that you asked. She's so proud of her fashion sense (ha!). Thanks so much for stopping by. xx

  6. My children love the leapFrog learning toys. My son would love the dinosaur system!

  7. Looks great! I've seen these in stores but haven't really looked at them since my boys are too young. Will keep them in mind. Such a fun way to read!


  8. I'll have to keep these in mind for when mine are a little more ready for literacy!

  9. I love the Leapfrog learning tools. We have a few 'toys' in school and the kids thoroughly enjoy it. Lucia looks so grown up in that pic 🙂

  10. I'm clearly a fan too and yes..my girl is getting so big!

  11. We have the LeapFrog Tag books and really enjoy them.

  12. Wow. The vocabulary does sound super impressive. It's so cool that your daughter enjoys it because it sounds like such a tremendous learning instrument. Adorable style too!

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