Between Four Walls

Like most siblings, my children have their share of squabbles, hurt feelings, and episodes of what I perceive to be I-want-that-toy-right-now-because-he/she-has-it-syndrome.

Yet every single night they fall asleep to the sound of each other’s voices, the monitor fills our hearts one last time before silence sets in.  Giggles, squeals and comfort in the dark. Knock-knock jokes that make entirely  no sense.  Silly songs composed by mama, sung by tender hearts in unison.  Companionship upon awakening – they are never alone.  And in their shared space they plot grand schemes, bursting through their door, arms linked in solidarity.  “Let’s make cupcakes” seems like more of a possibility when your fellow ally is gripping your hand.

I pause to thank my lucky stars for whatever path lead me to this life and to a city where space is sparse, yet love is so so rich cocooned between four walls.



  1. This post is absolutely beautiful! How lucky they are to always have friendship in one another — that's so special. <3

  2. Wow…this post is amazing! What a perfect way to capture your children, This was truly beautiful Monica!


  3. This was such a beautiful post it really was so sweet. You are truly lucky!

  4. The only thing I can think when I saw this was awwwwwwwwwwwwwww <3 I really wanted a sibling as a child, turns out I have a half brother only a few years younger than me (I was adopted, he is my birth mothers son, so we didn't grow up together - hope that makes that sense.)

    What a lovely if sometimes turbulent bond they have.

    Life in a Break Down

  5. This post is inspiring and beautiful! Well written and from the heart. I am tearing up over here… xoxo, Jessica at Boys Oh Boys

  6. beautiful post, well written

  7. Monica, your posts are always so inspiring, Jessica is right! We don't live in the city, but we do live in a house with only three bedrooms. I want to keep one room as a guest room, so when we have our second child, he/she will eventually share Sofia's bedroom. I always was doubtful about doing this, but you make it seem doable AND wonderful. Thank you 🙂

    • Kera – we too were so worried about a room share working out. We moved Adrian out of our room and into Lucia's room when he was around 12 months old. At first we would put him to bed first and read stories to Lucia in our room while he was falling asleep. We transitioned into having them both fall asleep together. We're so glad that we didn't have the option of giving him his own room at this age – their room share has been such a positive thing for them!

  8. What beautiful photos did you take these? Sublime.

    Ali of:

  9. This is a beautiful post, and I love the pics! Little sweet babies. 🙂

  10. So beautifully written. I have two kids sharing the same room at night….and its been hard to not get them to wake each other up….but I'm seriously considering now doing what you are doing…just putting them to bed and letting them cry it out or listen to each other's voices before they fall asleep. We really need to get our youngest on a good night time routine. We were successful with our oldest…but haven't been able to implement this with our youngest yet.

    • I understand that the bedtime routine with two can be challenging. At some point we transitioned into putting them both down awake (as opposed to getting Adrian to sleep first). They both sleep well now (but both were terrible sleepers for their first year of life! Best of luck and thanks so much for stopping by.

  11. Monica this room is amazing. I love your taste, and I'm scatching my head wondering why you don't share more of it? Of course the pics of the little ones are so precious. And as usual, I'm in love with your words. I hope you're feeling better.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

    • Leslie – this is such a huge compliment coming from you – as I'm always swooning over your interior designs. And thank you so much for the writing encouragement. I always appreciate your support! xo – Monica

  12. Beautiful room!!!

  13. I love the first pic…did they pose for this or did you actually catch your so looking at your daughter like that?! Hilarious!

    • Thanks Lisa. I was trying to take photos on my daughter's fifth birthday and my son said that “Lucia was hurting his feelings”! I took the second photo while spying on them.

  14. Your pictures alone tell the most beautiful sibling stories. As the youngest of 4, I treasure the memories of the good, bad and yes even the ugly with my siblings. Your little ones are two lucky people having such a wonderful momma.

  15. what a sweet, sweet post! there are so many wonderful memories that can be made when children share a space!

  16. Oh this is so touching. You truly have such a way with words. The room design is beautiful too.

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