Shorty Woes and an eShakti {Giveaway}

I don’t know about y’all but I’m not a perfect standard size.  I’m just over five feet tall and as described by my wedding dress designer (during my pre-pregnancy existence)  – I sport some childbearing hips.  MmmK. 

This often makes shopping a challenge.

Enter eShakti, an online boutique that uniquely customizes sizes and styles with a request to make me a customized garment.

This shorty’s dream come true.  

I decided to put eShakti to the test with their shirred denim chambray maxi dress because I love wearing long dresses, but you know what I don’t love?  Hemming.

Dress – eShakti,  Necklaces – House of Harlow 1960,   Bracelet – Slinky 1950 Special Edition

I went with a standard size 2 (instead of entering my measurements), and when I clicked a little box indicating 5 feet, I seriously felt like I had won a prizeThe length was perfect with just enough room to wear with a bit of a platform flip.  A dress I’ll most certainly wear the life out of this spring and summer (and it has roomy pockets!)

With incredibly moderate prices and retro-modern styles, I’ll definitely be back for more.  Especially since their custom capabilities ensure a flattering fit.  Here are a few vintage inspired pieces that I currently have my eye on:

1. Black and White Nautical Dress  2. Bow Neck Chevron Print Top  3. Color Contrast Strapless Dress

4. Birds Eye View Dress  5. Her Fifties Colorblock Skirt   6. Collard Swan Print Dress

Now for the exciting part: eShakti is giving away a custom garment of choice to one lucky gal!  Their sizes range from 0-32 W and customizations such as an increased bust, shorter/longer hem and modified sleeves/neckline can all be specified.  Enter to win in the Raffelcopter below and a winner (US only) will be selected in one week.  Entries are verified.  Best of luck to you all my lovelies!

a Rafflecopter giveawayeShakti provided me with the above dress for the purpose of review.  All opinions expressed in this post are my own.   



  1. Ooo this is awesome! Great stuff!

  2. You look great in that dress 🙂

  3. great giveaway 🙂

  4. Gah!! I have the same issue! I am in between petite and “normal” size. Add the child bearing hips and bam! I can't find a pair of jeans or a dress that fits gah!

    Happy Eshakti worked for you! Hope I get some of that fun too!

    Andie's Traveling Pants

  5. I love that dress on you! I total have the same problem.. most of me fits, except my hips. Huge thanks to my son 😀

  6. I am reviewing a dress too! I have such a messed up body right now and the dress they sent me fits me! only I found a small hole in it. 🙁 wah.

  7. That dress is lovely on you Monica! You look beautiful! This is a fun giveaway, totally entering 🙂 I'd love to be able to review a dress. Happy New Year to you and your sweet family mama 🙂

  8. Yes! You hit 1000 GFCs 🙂 Also…I'm following you on Instagram too now.

  9. As a fellow shorty, Thanks for the tip! I'm always looking for clothes that fit and look good at the same time – you know without making me look like I shopped in my grandmother's closet!


  10. This dress looks fabulous on you! I am a fan of eShakti – they have the cutest designs!

  11. I love the selection.
    lovinhugs36 at hotmail dot com

  12. STUNNING photo. I'm just over 5 feet and I feel your pain with most things being too long. I'm heading over eShaki now.

  13. You look absolutely gorgeous in that dress! It fits your body so well!! And I love your choices of vintage clothing!!

  14. I love the dress you have on. So lovely. The other clothing is just as beautiful.

  15. I like the tan top

  16. I love long skirts, but have a horrible time finding ones that are not too long for me!


    selinda_mccumbers at

  17. Thank you for the giveaway.

  18. thank you for the great give away.

  19. thank you for the give away.

  20. Awesome contest, would love to win something for my wife. Cheers

  21. Thank you for doing this Giveaway! Too cool!!

  22. I'm about 5'1″ so this is for me too. thanks for the giveaway.

  23. I love this company. I have ordered a few things using their custom sizing. As a plus size gal they are great. I had one item not fit just right and they quickly took care of it and told me extra measurements to add in order to get everything perfect. I would love to win this to get a new piece for a new year.

    • Thanks so much for you comment (and for visiting). It's so helpful to know that you had a great experience with eShakti when an item didn't fit perfectly – It's good to know that they even told you what measurements to add too. Since this is my first experience with them (and the dress fit ) it's great to know that their customer service is so top notch. All the best – Monica

  24. You look cute. Thanks for the giveaway.

  25. Love the dress on you especially the color 🙂
    I like that there are sizes that will fit me, too ..
    I'm a size 16 in pants & 18 or 18-20 in shirts/dresses.

  26. very cute 🙂 thanx

  27. I love number 4. It looks so summer and fun and flirty.

  28. I have long wanted to order something from eshakti, this might just be what I need to get motivated to do it. You look beautiful in that dress. Thanks for the giveaway

  29. There are some really cute items you have your eye on. I really love both dresses!

  30. okay, how cure are you?!
    so glad you found my blog because now i've found yours…
    totally entering the giveaway, too.

    and then will be scrolling through your blog! xx sara

  31. what cute outfits!

  32. I love the dresses, my email is

  33. Oh my God. You look so darn beautiful. If I wear that dress will I look that good? I want a guarantee.
    I just stopped by to wish you a fantastically happy New Years. Be safe, hug the kids, smooch the hubby,
    and I'll see you in the year 2013.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

  34. sandra davis says

    i love the birds eye view dress…it is soooo cute

  35. Ok these are gorgeous – and since I, too, am a “shorty” – definitely a dream come true. You look great in your new dress!

  36. How did I not know about this site?? Gorgeous and Amazing Clothing!!

  37. Thank you for the awesome giveaway! Have a great day!

  38. I could realy use some new clothes after having my baby!

  39. What a great selection of clothes! I'd never heard of eShakti before and probably wouldn't have if you hadn't have had this giveaway, ty so much!

    Kaci Guis.Harrison

  40. Beautiful Clothes, I need a new outfit hin hint lol

  41. such pretty clothing!

  42. I love that birds eye view dress!

  43. These Clothes are AWESOMEEE!!!!! I love the dresses!!!!

  44. these clothes are AMAZING!!! I love the dresses!! – Aimee Webber

  45. The dresses featured in the picture are lovely . I like the hint of vintage and will have to check out the site for my swing dancing daughters

  46. Thanks for the great giveaway! I'm excited to learn about them and love that they custom fit the clothes.

  47. I would love to win this! I love all their pieces!

  48. love the dress you are wearing! great giveaway! happy new year

  49. Great giveaway. These are such lovely clothes and they actual come in my size!

  50. these look awesome! i'm 5'2″ and always have trouble finding dresses that are the correct length

  51. I love their dresses!!

  52. I love the last one ♥

  53. I absolutely love their clothing and really hope to try one of their dresses some day!

  54. I Love #2.The Bow Neck Chevron Print Top! I would love to have it! Thanks
    Happy New Year,

  55. I Love #2. The Bow Neck Chevron Print Top

  56. That dress looks really good on you. I have never heard of this before so I am glad that I have found this post because I am going to head on over to their site and check out their clothing. Thanks for the information and the awesome giveaway!!!

  57. You look fantastic! I love your selections, especially #2 =D

  58. Kimberly R. says

    I love their clothes, thanks for the chance.

  59. They have amazingly adorable & stylish dresses. I really love so many of them!

  60. What a great giveaway! The clothing is beautiful!

  61. The clothes are so pretty and stylish…

  62. thanks for the giveaway!

  63. I love long skirts also

  64. love the longer skirts

  65. Such an awesome opportunity. I really do not have any dresses because I am top heavy and they never seem to fit right….

  66. Wow, I really like their style.

  67. I like the Giveaways that give you Fashion..Too me they are fun to enter and awesome to win..Thankyou for the Chance..Happy New Year~~

  68. Very nice…hope I win

  69. What an awesome Giveaway! I've always wanted to try Eshakti. Great way to start the New Year! Thanks for sharing this opportunity with US!!!! 🙂

  70. What an awesome Giveaway! I've always wanted to try Eshakti. Great way to start the New Year! Thanks for sharing this opportunity with US!!!! 🙂

  71. I am petite and very curvy so to have something tailor made would be awesome!

  72. Happy New Year and Good Luck Everyone..:-)

  73. Tammy Schweitz says

    Great clothes yet comfortable also thanks

  74. Cute dress's, my daughter would love these dress's!!

  75. i am looking forward to wining a dress 🙂

  76. i am looking forward to wining a dress

  77. You look great in the dress!! I'm also a fan of eShakti!! I'm tall and love that they can customize for anyone
    Thanks for the great giveaway!!
    Happy New Year


  78. opposite problem here…tall…so hard to find pants!

  79. Love the fact that they can customize!

  80. Love the fact that they can customize for height! Yes!

  81. Thanks for hosting this! 🙂

  82. These clothes are so beautiful! I love them all!!

  83. Jessica Bracho says

    I hope I win, I have such a hard time shopping

  84. Love those clothes! Thanks for the chance to win!

  85. Love those clothes – Thanks for the chance to win!

  86. Really cute.
    Thank you!!

  87. This is awesome! I am 5'2 and can never find anything to fit my stubbby little legs!

  88. I love the Birds Eye View Dress!

  89. Hi I found you through the blog hop. Please stop by and say hi when you get a chance. Have a great week.

  90. Wow! You're style is really 1950's vintage. I love it.

  91. Awesome giveaway! Thanks!

  92. I'm already an eShakti fan! Great items and selection and I love the ability to customize! Their shipping and turnaround time was very quick.

  93. LOVE the clothes!!!

  94. I'd let my sister order something as I doubt they do plus size clothing.


  96. These dresses are so cute. I'm glad I found this giveway and thus the company!

  97. I've been wanting to try them! At 5'2″, even petite sizes are often too long on me 🙁

  98. I really love this giveaway! Thank You So Much for the chance!

    Fiona N

  99. This is so cool! I'm 5'0″ as well and I've always dreamed of wearing a maxi dress, but, yeah, that whole “hem thing,” haha. My wedding dress designer said “oh, I guess we'll do this but…cut out the entire torso area, because you don't have one.” Baha. This is so cute!

  100. shelley w. says

    I love number 5

  101. love the dress! & love the way you accessorize :]

  102. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that maxi dress on you!

  103. Glad I found this site. Only 5'3″. Thanks

  104. so glad I found this site. Love it!!!! Thanks

  105. I love that all their dresses have a really great defined waist. They all look so flattering!

  106. I love that all their dresses have a really great defined waist. They all look so flattering!

  107. love that items are custom sized, since I'm 5', 36D, and 4 kiddos hips. Dress are hard to find, and even harder to find a great fit.

  108. Thanks for the giveway–would love to win for my daughter

  109. hi thanks for the giveaway i love all theses dresses so elegant and classy hope to win one of theses amazing dresses

  110. I'd love to give this a try. Thanks.

  111. I wish every place you could get custom clothing. I am a 32D bra size, a size 2 pants, 5'7″ and have skinny shoulders. I can never find shirts or dresses that fit me correctly!

  112. Monica, both you AND the dress are beautiful.

  113. That dress looks awesome on you! I'd love to try one too! Thanks for the giveaway!

  114. I would give this win to my daughter-in-law. She finds herself in the sad position of having to find a new job after the birth of her third child..(My lovely grandchild #5.) With 3 pregnancies in rather quick succession and breastfeeding to boot…her body has been and continues to go through some real changes.

  115. I absolutely love #4 and I am 5'2″ and very petite, so this is great!
    Amie Olson

  116. I likt the Ducks in a row print frock!

  117. Oh wow! That dress is really pretty. It's so hard to find dresses that are that long, but I really like them!

  118. Well its hard for me to find the perfect dress due to my shape. These dresses are so lovely and I would love to own one, thanks!!

  119. I love these dresses so much and would love to own one!

  120. Love the dresses!

  121. They have really cute clothes!!

  122. These are darling — thanks for the chance!

  123. Really nice

  124. I'm a plus size mama and I'm 5'7″ so most of the time I can pull stuff off the rack in the “fat person” dept. and it will fit. My daughter on the other hand is 5' even, has a tiny frame, thick thighs but not that much hip and wears a 34DDD so if I win I'm giving it to her for her birthday in February. This would be perfect for her! I already threw the site link into my bookmarks because after I lose 100 pounds I'm rewarding myself with a gorgeous custom dress off of the site. 😉

  125. I love the Embellished tulle overlayer dress, although there are so many dresses I like it was hard for me to narrow it down!!

  126. Thanks for the great giveaway!!
    bvbabybv at gmail dot com

  127. The clothes are Beautiful~thanks for the chance to win!!

  128. chelsee wahlquist says

    awesomeeee giveaway@!!!!!!!!

  129. Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the cool giveaway!

    wildorchid985 @ gmail dot com

  130. I am totally geeking out over the selection of retro-style dresses!

  131. Beautiful dresses!!!

  132. coni guerin says

    these are gorgeous!
    coupons dot guerin at gmail dot com

  133. I could shop on this site for hours! Love it!

  134. eShakti's clothes are amazing!! I'm always having trouble finding clothes that fit my figure in all the right places, so I really love the idea of a custom design sized just for me!!

  135. I'm a huge fan of their dresses and I'd love to win one. Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  136. I love eShakti! I just did a review on them as well if you'd like to check it out – just go to my Blogger profile for my website link! I'm following on Instagram as hardlyahousewife.

  137. Thanks for the giveaway. cute dresses!

  138. I'd love to get the Blue moon beaded wrap!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  139. michelle gilliland mcafee says

    Awesome, I love that they are custom to fit you. You look beautiful in that dress. I want one!!!

  140. great giveaway thank u

  141. I love #2, so cute!! Thanks!

  142. Thanks for the chance! I really like that Birds eye View dress.

  143. Super cute clothing!

  144. I don't think I can wait to win the giveaway. I am going to shop NOW! lol

  145. I love giveaways!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  146. I Love Eshakti!

  147. I LOVE your blog! I just discovered it by looking for giveaways, but ended up checking it all out. Your children are adorable and the blog pic is simply BEAUTIFUL! Now on to the giveaway; I think that dress is perfect on you and I also think you would look awesome in #3. I myself, like #4, but am probably too old to wear any of the picks shown. ;(

  148. Beautiful clothes – thanks so much for the introduction to something new!

  149. Ashia Austin says

    Love the nautical look of the striped skirt!

  150. Oh such cute clothing! I'd love to get the The fit-and-flare dress
    STYLE # CL0022899 for my 16 yr old daughter. The fact I could get it custom would be fab as she is super tiny but with a large chest. She'd be thrilled to have something that actually fits properly!

  151. Beautiful feminine clothing.

  152. Beautiful clothing! Thanks for sharing with us!

  153. i can never afford to treat myself with clothes like these very nice

  154. As a fellow short person, I love the fact that you can have the length customized. There are so many pretty skirts and dresses that I want to buy but are simply too long. Like you, I don't much care for hemming, and some materials are really difficult to work with. And who has time to go to the tailor nowadays?

  155. I'm another “shorty” who has plenty of trials and tribulations over the length of my clothes. I would be so pleased to buy something in my size that I'm not mopping the floor with! I can hope, right?

  156. What a wonderful prize, thanks for hosting the giveaway

  157. That dress is gorgeous on you!

  158. Those dresses are so adorable. Thanks for the giveaway!

  159. I love your clothing and thanks for hosting as well

  160. Ashley Morrissey says

    Thanks for the giveaway!!


  161. My problem is, I'm petite in height, but not in girth. I have a heck of a time finding something to fit in length that fits in width.

  162. Awesome giveaway!! Thank You!!

  163. Awesome Giveaway!! Thank You!!

  164. I would love to win this! I have no dresses or skirts.

  165. Great blog! Those dresses are nice!

  166. We have ordered several items from them and they are great

  167. Nice picks! Thanks for the giveaway

  168. Love all the styles!!!

  169. Thanks for the giveaway! I've browsed this site before and would love to get something 🙂

  170. I like #4. I think it will look nice on a petite- sized- woman.

  171. I'm freakishly tall. Everything is a babydoll dress on me. This would be awesome!

  172. Great retro looks!

  173. Awesome giveaway! I would love to order from them…I'm short as well and everything is always too long

  174. Thanks for the chance to win i am a shorty with big hips and rear end and a 36 d bust really have a hard time finding clothes that fit right

  175. I'm loving these looks, especially #3!

  176. My daughter would love those dresses!

  177. I love that they even have plus sizes and the custom fitting is awesome! I'm looking forward to shopping more of their retro selections! Thanks for the giveaway!

  178. Thanks for the giveaway, that dress looks cute on you.

  179. I'm 5 feet tall too and this is awesome! I'm so glad I found your blog and now I know about this awesome company! Thanks!

  180. Jeni Mitchell says

    Great review and giveaway. I've always wanted to try their clothes.

  181. The dress looks great on you. 🙂 I would pick the number 4 dress ifever I win. It's so cute. 🙂

  182. Maxi dresses are great for shorties (I speak from experiene!:D), but hemming *is* a pain….eShakti, is incredible! There are some ridiculously stylish clothes on their site.

  183. *experience 🙂

  184. The fact I could get a long dress and not have a foot or so of fabric dragging on the ground is a very exciting prospect!

  185. They have great stuff!

  186. Thanks for the giveaway. The clothes are beautiful

  187. Wow! Perfect for we who do not fit the average mold…and great style! 🙂 Thank you.

  188. Fantastic giveaway, thank you!

  189. Fantastic giveaway, thank you!

  190. what a great giveaway, thanks

  191. I would love to win this! Thanks for the chance!
    lyndadawinda1074 at yahoo dot com

  192. Great service — thanks for the giveaway.

  193. Great service — thanks for the giveaway!

  194. this is adorable! perfect timing as I just lost over 60 pounds and am needing some new dresses.

  195. I just absolutely love the dress you wore in the pic! Thank you for the chance to win!

  196. finding clothes for the “short” ones is always hard. Thanks for sharing this place

  197. gorgeous dress!! what a fun giveaway- thanks!! i could certainly use a new clothing item or ten! 😀
    puddle_of_light at yahoo dot com

  198. GFC Follower Ledford Land. Thanks so much! 🙂

    Jessica Eaton Ledford
    cherriesjessilee at gmail dot com

  199. What cute things! I'm currently 32 weeks pregnant with #4, and would sure love something nice after baby comes!

  200. the dress looks really good on you and comfortable. I really like the shirt you have your eye on too (#2)

  201. very nice giveaway

  202. I'm a shorty too 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  203. nice giveaway

  204. would love to win this is REALLY need some new clothes thanks 🙂

  205. Like you, I love wearing long dresses and like you, I'm short and hate hemming! Lol. This dress looks great on you and I'd love to get the same one for myself. My husband loves it when I wear dresses too. Thanks for the chance to win.

  206. This is a great opportunity, thanks!

  207. Thank you for the chance to win! I love this 🙂

  208. Such beautiful dresses. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Michelle Tucker

  209. I also like #4 in the pics…but its a close race with # 1,,,,martha at……….THANKS

  210. could really use something new in my wardrobe, thanks for the giveaway

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  211. Looks very interesting!

  212. You are beautiful!!!

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