The Younger Sibling

My little guy is such a trooper.  As the younger sibling, he is schlepped around to school drop offs/pick ups and other big sister endeavors at times that aren’t in his best interest.  And even when the nap deprived crank sets in, he always has open arms to ferociously greet his sister with.  Sometimes their embrace is so powerful that they knock each other over laughing.  And sometimes he manages to sleep through the school dismissals, despite the mass child exodus.

Although it often feels chaotic, he shows me resilience and reminds of how beautiful and full life is.

I am so very thankful for this little boy.




  1. What a beautiful little boy. Don't you just love watching them sleep. My kids are teenagers and I still, every now and then, sneak in to remember what it's like to see them sleep so peacefully.

  2. Looking back, I felt bad that my little bro was schlepped places too. And then I got schlepped to all his t-ball games. I was less sympathetic lol.

  3. My little boy is also a trooper and a big help! Such a sweet post 🙂
    Beijos, Ana

  4. Aw, so sweet! It's amazing how the younger ones truly look up to their older siblings.

  5. Wow, he's absolutely adorable. What a lovely photo that you'll treasure forever. It's shocking how fast he'll grow.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

  6. In the last pic he looks like his big sister 🙂

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