The Takeover

As I come out of  migraine-hibernation, I’m so grateful for my husband and the ways in which he takes over the household.  There are always visible marks of his magic woven throughout the house, and laughter to be heard through the walls of my little quarantine.  When I finally emerged from the darkness today, there were newly carved jack-o-lanterns, a tent full of pillows and books pitched in the living room, freshly created art, and homemade meals on the table.  Both children were also happily dressed in the most bizarre outfits; Lucia’s consisted of some sort of Native American headdress.

He changes my ice packs and holds my hair when the nausea sets in and he constantly reminds me that I will get better.  He places his hand on my temple and envisions the pain going away.  It breaks my heart that he wants to make me better.  When  I am ready to have that first meal, there is always chicken soup waiting for me.

In these moments, I’m always reminded of the vows we once said and am so incredibly grateful for the way that my husband comes through for me and for our family.  And although I wish it were under different circumstances, I’m glad that our children have such meaningful time alone with their father.

And when all is well, and he is busy at work, I see pieces of him in them, every single day. 



  1. He sounds fantastic – when I was younger I had crippling migraines but they went away when I gave up the pill and made sure I had my first coffee at the same time every day … Good luck

  2. lovely post! I hope that you get better soon!!!! x

  3. This whole entry gave me goosebumps! What an amazing husband he is, and what an amazing father! I love when those “a ha!” moments happen to make me really realize — not that I always don't, but you know what I mean — the awesome man that I married. For me, it was when I was discharged from the hospital after a difficult pregnancy and delivery, put on post-partum bedrest for 2 weeks, severely anemic and not even able to lift my own baby on my own because it was too much physical activity to do so. My husband was my caretaker, he was “mom” to our baby those first few weeks, he never acted worried or stressed or overwhelmed because he wasn't my spirits to be up. He took care of all the around the clock feedings, he changed my sheets, he carried me to and from the bathtub and cooked for me all the while caring for a newborn for the first time. It made me fall in love with him all over again!

    I hope you're feeling better. One of my best friends struggled with migraines and it's so hard to push through, I can only imagine harder when you have children to tend to as well. Sounds like the house and children and you were in amazing hands. What a catch he is!

    • That's amazing Lindsay, especially since fatherhood was new to him too. I am all better now thanks and appreciative of all that my husband does. Thanks for visiting. xx- Monica

  4. What a beautiful post. He sounds like a great husband and father. Hope that you are feeling better now. xo T

  5. Your husband sounds like he takes really great care of you and the kids. 🙂 You've got a one of a kind there, girl! I hope you feel better soon! XO – Cassie

  6. I suffer from migraines too. They are the worst, but having a good husband by your side makes it much more bearable! :o)

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