Sometimes You Just Need To Take a Break.

Adrian needed to “take a break” while riding his scooter last week because he is “so fast and so strong.”  I nearly fell over when he busted out his GQ stance.

As you can tell, “one of each” is still his preferred choice of footwear.

 This little guy has so much swag, he has no idea how cool he is.



  1. He is adorable, and I agree, he has swag!!! 🙂

  2. Oh Monica. He is something else. So unbelieveably adorable, wait to show hime this picture in ten years. I'd love to see his reaction.
    Leslie (Gwen Moss)

  3. Great shot. This really is an awesome picture and I bet when he's all grown up he's going to love showing off how cool he was as a little boy. 🙂 He is too cool!

  4. Have you seen this Tumblr: — haha, you should submit him!

  5. He is the cutest!!

  6. Priceless! Maybe you have a future model on your hands…he does seem to have a keen fashion sense!! 😉

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