LeapFrog Leap School Math {Review}

Previous studies have indicated that math skills among Kindergartens have proven to be key predictors of future academic success.  I’ve mentioned before that I have reservations about my daughter being the youngest Kindergartner at her school. I want Lucia to have the sort of confidence that will set her on a positive academic trajectory, and I’m always looking for fun ways to supplement her learning at  home.

I’ve also previously mentioned that Lucia loves playing on LeapFrog’s Leapster GS.  Although I’d never view an  electronic device as a substitute for one-on-one parental time, I’m happy to have LeapFrog learning games reinforce curriculum in ways that my daughter enjoys and responds well too.

The little one learning from the big one. 

The  LeapFrog LeapSchool Math cartridge (appropriate for ages 4-7) has been an excellent addition to Lucia’s collection. The game draws upon various mathematical concepts including measurement, weight and volume, number recognition, proportions, addition, subtraction, and counting to customize and build stuffed animals, bubble bath potions and video games.  The characters speak directly to the player as they prepare to sell their items in the Leap School, advertise with customized posters and count change to sell their products.

Explorer Game Cartridge: Leap School Math $24.99 Image via LeapFrog

Lucia seems to enjoy all aspect of this game.  She likes to customize, build and stuff her teddy bears, match appropriate scents while creating bubble baths and measure volume levels in video game construction.  My daughter took pride in having her very own stand to sell her newly created products in and I enjoyed watching her count change to give back to customers.  LeapSchool math is saturated with the sort of curriculum that my daughter is currently working on, including different ways to come up with a number (i.e bringing 2 + 3 items to a customer who needs 5), identifying charts and graphs and placing promotion items in locations with the most people.

Measuring volume to create a bubble bath potion in Leap School Math

Children clearly love the feeling of success and praise for their accomplishments.  Like all LeapFrog learning games, Leap School math grants confidence boosting rewards and aids in building a love of learning. 

As a LeapFrog parent, I received the Leap School Math cartridge to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.  Don’t forget to enter my LeapFrog Mega Giveaway, loaded with over $300 in prizes, including Leap School Math!



  1. I was never good at math and it worries me when I think about Ethan. I struggled with confidence in school starting very early on because of it. My husband is an accountant and a math whiz and he's always saying not to worry about it, but I still do. I want to make sure I start early enough to help Ethan get extra practice in math to work on his confidence. Something like this seems wonderful when he's a little older! Thanks for sharing!

    • You raise and important issue Lindsey – confidence is key- especially in math. Sometimes I think that my true academic confidence did not come until I was in Graduate School. Even though I was an adult when I got my Masters, a boost of confidence would have helped me during my childhood years. That's why I'm such a fan of LeapFrog products. My daughter likes getting stickers and hearing our praises when she works with us at home. but she seems to really like “playing” on her Leapster GS and showing us the awards she earned even more. I also think it's good for her to get a break from “mom” and reinforce skills through a device.

  2. This sounds like something I would have loved as a kid – I was such a maths head, my Mum had struggled with it so set me on to learning simple sums early on so I wouldn't feel as confused as she did – which I think helped lead to my later love of numbers. x

  3. Your mom sounds amazing Sarah and I agree – I would have loved this as a kid!

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