The Artistic Evolution

I love watching the early childhood artistic process unfold.  Especially when the scribble scrabbles turn into circles and lines, and the first identifiable faces are consciously formed.

A big event happened last week when Adrian (now 29 months) presented me with this:

“Go away scary Monster”
“Man with hair”
“Oscar the Grouch”

Our bambinos are exposed to so much art – in our home, in this city and with a father capable of creating things like this in a matter of hours.  I often find myself wondering how these early artistic experiences will shape my children, and love when they show me glimpses of the lenses in which they view their world.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of Adrian’s art and tucking these masterpieces into the forever box.



  1. I am so impressed that your son is only 2! My boys didn't draw faces until they were 5. Your husbands work is mind blowing!! Between your sewing and crafts and his art, it seems like the most creative household….and one of the reasons why I like to read your blog. I'm glad that you are still sharing posts like this and congratulations on your blogs success!!

  2. Wow, those are seriously impressive paintings! Your husband's pencil on oak masterpiece is…well, just that, a masterpiece! I'm in AWE! Looks like someone inherited his artistic abilities!!!!

    • The Pencil on Oak is awesome. I wish that he had more time to devote to his art. I couldn't resist writing about Adrian's pictures. Thanks so much for you comment. xx – Monica

  3. These are beautiful! I hope they will find a very special place in your home. I'm staring at a pile of drawings myself. It's our go to activity–if you are bored, grab some paper and crayons, markers, and if I'm feeling brave, paint!

  4. Oh my, Monica, Adrian seems quite early with the face drawings. You know, he may have the artistic inclinations from Daddy and Mommy (who is a natural writer). Isn't it exciting to watch it all unfold? I heard a buddhist say once, “when you label (a child) you stop seeing them clearly.” I've always felt this to be so true.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

    • Thanks so much for your kind words and compliments Leslie! I think that Adrian has enjoyed learning from his big sister. It is exciting to sit back and watch. Thank you so much for the wise words and much needed reminder. I wholeheartedly agree! xx – Monica

  5. Aww, what a talented little artist. 🙂 I was so proud when my daughter drew a whale yesterday, but unfortunately it was on the porch with chalk so I couldn't keep it…

  6. WOW, you have quite the talented 2 year old friend, I would keep those puppies under lock and key they could be the firsts in a talented artists career 🙂 You husband must be so proud to have a son following in his footsteps. XOXO

  7. OMG and he's only 29 months? That's seriously some really artistic work. =) I love to let my girl paint and do all sorts of craft with her too, it's really great for them to bring out heir creativity and makes a bonding session for us too. =) Thanks for popping by my blog, am following you and hope to be in touch for more inspiration!


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