Sometimes You Just Need To Sprinkle Gold Glitter All Over Everything

Like when your kiddos are home sick and life just needs a bit more bling.

Check out my pumpkins, brought to you by Mod Podge and glitter:

And this key that I’ve wanted to glitterize ever since I first laid eyes on Pinterest:

I even thought of my husband and turned his boring screw driver into a Glitz-Driver:

I mean, who doesn’t need/want a Glitz-Driver?  Holla!



  1. I couldn't agree more, when life gets you down glitterize! Haha 🙂 Love the pumpkins, key, and screwdriver!! My boyfriend would probably murder me if I did that to his tools.. but oh is it tempting 😀

  2. LOL! Love the glitz-driver!

  3. ha! love it!

  4. Those all look awesome. Off to go get my glitter on…

  5. So crafty!!

  6. Love the glitter key! Every girl should have one 🙂
    Beijos, Ana

  7. I love seeing your crafts Monica! AMAZING!!

  8. LOVE THIS! Especially the pumpkins!

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