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Motherhood has proven to be a transformative experience.  In many ways, I have never felt more feminine and powerful as a women.  Growing, birthing and sustaining life gave me a new perspective on my own femininity, body image and capabilities.  I love taking care of myself when I have the chance too.  I also hoard an arsenal of wondrous beauty products.  Yet, most of the time I feel as if I am living in a strange dichotomy of sloppy or glamorized.  On many days, my beauty regime includes a toothbrush, a swipe of my coveted concealer, a messy bun and a mad dash to get my kiddos in a stroller and on a buggy board so I can sprint (yes sprint) to get my daughter to school on time.  But sometimes,  I have the chance to get done up and I love creating a smoking eye, grabbing some fun jewels and going out.

Now that we are all getting adequate sleep (and I’m not getting any younger), I’m working on incorporating more of a beauty regime back into my life.  Taking a shower without little people flinging toys in my space or begging me to get out is a luxury these days. Yet if I can manage to sneak in an uninterrupted shower and add a nice body scrub- my day is transformed!  It’s the little things that make me feel great.  Like, the ombre glitter nail stickers that I took time to put on last week and the much needed hair cut I squeezed in after realizing that my straggly strands had reached Cousin Itt proportions.  It’s amazing how a deep conditioner and a body moisturizer with a hint of self tanner can help me feel better about myself.  I’m promising to add more dimensions to my at home mama beauty and incorporate a mild facial scrub or an at-home peel every now and then.  I also want to work on my smile and test out Crest 3D White Strips.

I teach my daughter that true beauty comes from within – and it does.  And when I take care of myself in ways that make me feel good, I’m a better person for myself and my entire family.

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  1. I hear you! Wish I had a Kroger store near me…

  2. I totally get what you mean. I started to promise myself to get my hair trimmed every 2-3 months and I started doing my hair and promising to take better care of myself. It's the little things on the outside that make you feel better on the inside, too.

  3. Caroline Chang says

    Thanks Mona! I am inspired to take those few extra minutes for myself before they are taken away in 3 weeks by new baby! I can remember 3 years ago when Avery was born that all I wanted for my birthday was a shower! Yikes!
    Well, I'm hittin up Kroger later for some beauty products and my favorite peanut butter: Kroger brand Natural- the best!

    • I remember your birthday wishes to shower and get dressed! I can't believe that #3 is just three weeks away! I hope you find the time to sneak in whatever makes you feel good. Thanks for telling me all about your love of Ralph's and Kroger brand stores..I have yet to enter one over here. Don't forget to add your coupons to your card from this post. xx – Monica

  4. That photo is just beautiful! I do agree that even though true beauty lies below and all that jazz, it feels good to take care of one's hair and skin every once in a while!!

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