Tiny Healers

Maybe it was the walk home from the gym in the pouring rain.  Perhaps it was a symptom of consistently staying up way too late.  Whatever it was, I couldn’t quite identify the root cause.

I was feeling blue today. 

Adrian’s nap-time transitioned into family snuggles with mama bear.  I think my littlest cub dozed off again, and we all stuck together, intertwined like a family pretzel.  As I felt the warmth of precious young skin beside me, I was mended in ways that I didn’t quite know needed repair.

Reminding me that right now is perfect.

Showing me that I am profoundly blessed.

Leaving me open to clearly see the gifts surrounding me.

Tiny healers. Thank you.



  1. Beautiful! They help us in ways we can't quite comprehend sometimes, don't they?

  2. Very sweet post and photo!

  3. Beautiful post – and I 100% agree. My kiddos can change my mood with one look or touch. True blessings.

  4. So sweet!

  5. thank you for your beautiful comment on my birth post Monica 🙂 gladly following back! gorgeous photo in your header too by the way x

  6. Adorable:)

  7. I love when I have these moments of clarity and stop long enough to enjoy the moment. Absolutely precious.
    PS this would have been perfect for Five Minute Friday's word prompt: “here”. 🙂

  8. Oh this is beautiful! I know just what you mean, how the tiny ones can transform my mood. Funny how I always though it was ME that would bless THEM, but it is so wonderful when they are blessings to ME! How great that God shows his love to me through tiny people!

  9. How beautiful, it is good to remember sometimes how little ones can heal us

  10. So beautiful!

  11. Such a beautifully expressed post, and your picture is precious! Children are magic!

  12. I know this experience, and it's always an awesome ones. Kids do know how to mend what's ailing us, even if we don't know something is amiss. 🙂 I loved your post.

  13. I just found this post of yours after browsing your blog and I love it. You write so wonderfully and simply! Getting your point across in just a few sentences. That’s a gift 🙂 Our littles are definitely our tiny healers, indeed.

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