Lunch Box Love Notes

For as long as I can remember, my mother tucked hand written notes into my school lunches.  Her stick figure people with heart shaped heads and childlike flowers reminded me of her affection.  As I grew older, she continued this labor of love, and her simple notes began to carry powerful messages of encouragement.  On some days (during the horrific middle/high school era of female pettiness) my mother’s special lunch notes served as the glue that single-handedly held me together.

I started tucking little love notes into Lucia’s lunch box this summer when she enjoyed two full weeks of summer camp.  She arrived to me daily upon dismissal with her humongous backpack strapped to her tiny frame, and a love note clutched in hand.   “Mama look!” she often said, “look what I got in my lunch box today!”.  She so appreciated her little notes.  She told me that she was going to save them forever.

I have been working on filling a little jar to dip into on school mornings.  A jar comprised of messages wrapped up in mama love for my soon to be Kindergartner.  A jar that I am currently filling with color, hope, and sparkles – reflecting the joy that she is.

Mermaid and Mushroom drawn by Dada.  Obviously.


  1. That's so sweet! I can't wait to have a daughter so I can share such things with her. 🙂

  2. This simple gesture is so so sweet Monica, and this is the sort of post that always keeps me coming back for more. This blog is fantastic. Be L. 🙂 🙂

  3. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your kind comment and your visits to my blog. Wishing you all the best.

  4. What a great idea to keep a stash!!

  5. I love that she appreciates that! I tried it with my son and I think I totally embarrassed him, so I stopped!! 😀

  6. Thats soooo sweet – one of the reasons i cant wait to have kids. Such a tender memory for the future

  7. i was such a little timid thing in kindergarten, and oh how a little note like this would have helped. What a loving thing to do. I wrote about mothering today. Stop by if you get a chance. enjoy your weekend Monica!
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss blog)

  8. How darling and what a great idea! You should definitely save them and maybe scrapbook them for future safekeeping.

  9. How sweet! I was afraid of embarrassing my kindergartener last year but maybe the occasional note would be ok this time.

  10. I used to love my moms notes!

    julie @ Naptime Review

  11. Such a sweet idea. I wonder how I could incorporate it as a homeschooler.
    Hopping in from Bloggy Moms.
    Betsy @ Mrs. Price is Right about Homeschooling

  12. I have thought about doing this for Jet, but afraid he may get embarrassed in front of his new friends. Maybe I can do some tiny paper airplanes with a more boyish note inside! Love how colorful yours are, and how meaningful they are already are for Lucia! Thanks for the nudge! Caro

  13. Lunch box notes were my favorite when I was growing up!! I can't wait until my little ones are old enough to take their lunches to school. My oldest buys her lunch. Maybe I can sneak some notes into her backpack.

  14. oh I heart this!


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