Superheros and Vintage Uncle Fred

Adrian has entered the superhero phase.  I think his father is secretly thrilled to see his interests move away from princesses (cuz ya know, we don’t gender assign toys in our family).  It’s pretty amusing and entertaining to watch.  All of it, really.  The way he says “SUPA-HEE-O” in his deepest voice while mastering his superhero stance (aka the deep knee bend).  The budding confidence expressed through cape-clad running, jumping and being “mighty” in general. I’m pretty sure Adrian believes that he has super-human strengths. This boy is convinced that he’s capable of driving a car and most definitely wants to fly.

Bob recently bought Adrian an Incredible Hulk action figure and he’s been making him “ROAR” for the past few days.  In light of this new friendship, it’s pretty cool that I was able to whip out his uncle Fred’s vintage Hulk T-shirt (dated 1981!).  The boy was really excited to wear it today and made sure to let everyone know that he was the “HUCK”. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you with the Hulk stance.
Examining the hulk in his favorite section of the bookstore.
Someone else once wore this shirt!   Lucia was around 27 months here..about one month older than Adrian is now.  I remember this special day so clearly.  I was super-duper prego and she was relishing in her “only child” status.

I love seeing family vintage come full circle. 

Perhaps the true superpowers lie in those tasty little faces?



  1. So cute! My 2 little boys are currently in their super hero phase too 🙂 My oldest is 4 and my youngest is 1 so its funny watching the 1 year old trying to keep up with his brother to fight the 'bad guys' who also happen to be my black lab :)!

    Love this post though 🙂

  2. Adorable! I love the superhero phase– I hoped that my girls would never outgrow! It's just too funny, and fun. 🙂

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