Sometimes You Just Need to Stick Them In Water.

Our day began with the best of intentions.  Full sun, babies in hand.  Little nurturers welcomed their week with harmony.

Great neck support guys! Not so sure about the sugary beverages though.

Things started to go haywire somewhere in the gym daycare.  The sitter reported that the baby dolls and their caretakers repeatedly “banged each other’s heads together”.  Sometimes they laughed.  Sometimes they didn’t.  My kids actually have a word for this.  It’s called “conking”.

After a friendly truck ride morphed into an attack-of-the-baby-game,  it was apparent that an intervention was in order.

At this point, I usually turn to art or some sort of water-play as my saving grace.  Instead of dunking them, I opted for some splashing in an unusual location. The living room baby bath worked wonders…

The babies were dunked.

And thoroughly washed.

And scrubbed.

And the crank seemed to magically wash away.

We all got along swimmingly and all was calm.

Until Dr. Demolition decided to head dive off our antique bench and ended up with a mouthful of blood.  He’s currently OK, but his mama needs some water play of her own -in the form of a Vichy shower at a fancy spa.

Happy Parenting!




  1. Such precious pictures!

  2. Awe, my younger brother had his own doll when we were small (because I didn't want to share mine with him!) we played dolls all the time. Fun times and your kids look so sweet in that last pic!

  3. Adorable! I love the “tub” in the living room. I can't believe I never did that for my kids! They would have loved it.

  4. Awww this is adorable, a funny and witty post. Your kids have such adorable personalities as well as beautiful looks bless them. I never thought of trying this, i just might seeing as my son loves babies too lol. Precious photos

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