Sometimes He Just Needs To Wake Me Up With A Bizzarre Hairdo

Like when I’ve just fallen asleep and he feels the need to yell “there’s a MAJOR PROBLEM!!!”.   So I frantically jump up at lightening speed, powered by mama epinephrine, ready to handle whatever situation is plaguing my dear children.  Instead I find this:

Some sort of clipper malfunction/oversight (still not sure about the shady details) occurred while my husband was giving himself a haircut around midnight last night.

I urged him to go for some sort of 80s-style-shaved-side-mullet.  He declined.

So I got back into bed and woke up next to Daddy Warbucks.

Luckily for him, he’s a handsome baldy.  A handsome one, indeed.



  1. Too funny 🙂 It looks like he fixed it though, my husband is to afraid to cut his own hair!

  2. Ha ha! My husband does that sometimes when he shaves his head!

  3. Lol! At least he will be cool for the rest of the summer. It turned out nice!

  4. The kids and I just had a good laugh over this! Jet prefers the jagged edge!

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