From T-Shirt to Sundress.

Last night I sewed one of my old T-shirts into a sundress for my girl, using this awesome Prudent Baby tutorial.  I was worried that my Lucia wouldn’t go for the sushi (no pink, glitter, tulle, princesses? The horror!).  But she did! Yay!

I started with this interesting T-shirt that I used to wear prior to carrying and birthing childern:

And turned it into this:

Perfect for summer play:

And dancing:

And twirling:

Hooray for repurposing, and summer, and sundresses!



  1. You are amazing!!! That dress is adorable:)

  2. Your version is better than the tutorials! I like that you added a ruffle. I found your blog via pinterrst by the way!

  3. Thank you Jade..I like the ruffle addition too! My daughter is also a HUGE fan of pom-pom trimmings. I'm glad that you found me through Pinterest…I'm honored that Prudent Baby pinned me. You must sew?

  4. Absolutely precious!! You are so talented!!

  5. That dress is adorable:) I found your blog via pinterest by the way!

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  6. How do you make the straps? I'm new to this. Thanks


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