A Pre-K Graduate and “A Half”

When you’re a little person, turning a “half” is a pretty big deal.  Especially when you’re the youngest kid in the class and you yearn to reach closer to the numerical age (5) that all your friends are. Today our girl is officially four-and-a-half and is no longer a preschooler.

We couldn’t be more proud of our Pre-K graduate.  Not just for the growth in learning and social skills gleaned at her cozy pre-school during the past two years.  But for the little autonomous person that she is.  She has unequivocally developed into her own individual self – outside of me and her father and the direction we try so hard to steer her in.

She looked stunning on her graduation day, as she marched out singing “It’s a small world” – but, it’s the growing beauty and empathy demonstrated in her kind young heart that fills me up with mama gratitude.

It’s hard to believe that someday our four-and-a-half-year-old Pre-K graduate will be a big person in this world.  One we hope and believe will make a positive impact on her world.

We think she’s off to a pretty great start. 



  1. Congratulations LP! The cap and gown photo is priceless!

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