Thank You Sam

I wear a crossbody purse everyday.  It’s small enough to feel comfortable, yet big enough to hold my wallet, keys, phone and stray Thomas train.  Over the summer I had my phone swiped from a small caddy attached to my stroller.  I was heartbroken.  My photos were not backed up, and there were so many special memories from my boy’s first year documented on that memory card. Since then, I’ve learned to keep my important things on my person.

I’m still struggling with organization.  I’m on it when it comes to my children and their safety, but some days my sense of order leaves something to be desired.  A few days ago, I put my IPhone in my jacket pocket after taking a call while I was walking with Lucia and strolling Adrian.  My phone fell out and I couldn’t believe how irresponsible I felt to not have stuck it in my bag. I ran into a friend and was able to call my phone.  A man answered and told me that he would return it to me in ten to fifteen minutes. 

My friend stayed with me and my children while we waited in suspense.  After thirty five minutes had passed I began to worry.  What if he had panicked when he answered the phone, and hadn’t intended on returning it? I called my phone and he didn’t answer.

You see, I had a challenging week.  Recently, a few out-of -line strangers and an incident with a neighbor left me feeling disheartened and searching for peace.  And perhaps these conflicts colored my train of thought while waiting in anticipation for my phone.

Then a man on a skateboard, with earphones in his ears appeared.  He lives in my community and I think he is around the same age that I am.  His name is Sam and he returned my phone to me.

This might sound cliché and cheesie, but he really renewed my faith in humanity.  At a time when I most needed it.  Thank you Sam, for reminding me that people really are inherently good.

And for reminding me that I can always strive to be better.


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