My Baby is Two.

My dearest son Adrian – welcome to two.

Here you are at just 11 days old (photo credit Michael Kormos Photography).


Your excitement this morning was palpable, jumping and head-diving in your crib as we sang “happy birthday to you”.  Excited to open some new superheros, but most enthralled with a toy stroller, that I sewed a special seat liner for, last night.

Rocking your new stroller. Sewn by mama and tricked out with duck-tape and Mod Podge.


You began your day with a paint brush in hand, pointing to your creation saying “it’s a chameleon mama!”.  Painting is something you love.  It provides a place where you can find a sense of calm amidst the toddler chaos.  You gripped a brush at a mere 12 months old.  One of the perks of being a second child.

Painting on the morning of your birthday.


You love to ride your scooter. Actually, you love to ride your sister’s scooter.  You once thought your Thomas the Tank engine scooter (complete with sounds and lights) was the coolest thing on this planet.  Until you saw all the big kids in the park riding scooters just like your sister’s.  “My mini kick”, soon became one of your favorite phrases.  Luckily, your sister begrudgingly complies with our requests to share – we’re still working on that one with you.  It’s amusing to see someone so little riding so well – a tiny body with a big red helmet zooming around the park.  You want to scoot around for hours on end and I love watching you ride with abandon and a huge smile on your face.

Riding free.


You want to hold my hand as you walk to play in the dirt-pile in the park.  Looking over your shoulder to make sure I am still close.  Coming to get me, when you realize I’ve stepped back to give you space.  Remember that you will have my hand to hold through the messiest of dirt.  Know that your biggest believer will always stand behind you, offering a gentle nudge when necessary and releasing your hand when needed.

Digging in the dirt.


There actually once was a time that I was worried about my heart’s ability to love with equity. So in-love with my two-year-old girl, pregnant and hoping for a mama-love that felt balanced.  In so many ways you have been my teacher.  Through you I learned that love is not built on a strange dichotomy of more or less.  It is in fact, a capacity far greater than I ever imagined.  One which blew the windows of my heart wide open, the moment you arrived.  And one which reinforces each and every day that there is no greater blessing, than experiencing the depth of joy found in familial love, and that felt in mothering my twofold treasures.

Blowing out your birthday candles.


Happy Happy Birthday Adrian Alessandro.  Thank you for coming to us two years ago today.

May you paint your dreams of tomorrow in vivid colors, hope and light. 

More love than you can possibly imagine,




  1. this is such a beautiful post – tears in my eyes reading it…happy birthday!

  2. This letter is beautiful. I've been reading your blog ever since you were in “blogs of note” when you were just beginning. I've never commented but felt compelled to do so now. Your words are so touching… I always want to come back for more. Thank you Monica.

    • Thank you so much Janet for your touching comment. I never even knew I was in “blogs of note”. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. All the best! Monica


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