Pencil on Oak

Seeing my husband create art reminds me of so many layers of our history together.  When we first met at nineteen years of age.  When we fell in love.  The things that filled our lives in Rhode Island, Hawaii, and NYC – recalled easily by images on our walls.

Years of bearing witness to an incredible talent and raw creativity.

I remember one of our college classmates stopping to tell me when his art teacher said “Bob is still painting that same girl!”.   I was elated to be his muse.

I hear he had strong artistic proclivities from a young age.  And he’s created some magnificent pieces and collections since I’ve known him.  For the past few years he’s been consumed with the demands of his work and sort of became an artist in hibernation.

Last week he drew a portrait of Lucia (inspired by these photos) on a sheet of oak.

I’m delighted to see this part of him back.



  1. OMG how beautiful is this!! He is super talented, how lucky are you! My daughter just came into the room and said 'thats AMAZING' to the painting…

  2. Gorgeous! I hope he's found time to sit and be creative again since April. I'm in love with that feeling that overcomes whenever something is coming into creation–a piece of art, music, a poem or prose. The excitement of a budding idea; the release of expressing it into a medium; and then the pure joy of a project complete. (It's kind of like making a human….probably why I loved being pregnant so much…)

  3. Oh wow! He is incredibly talented. That portrait of Lucia is beautiful. I see this post was written in 2012, is he creating more now?


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