On Fluidity

Even large volumes of caffeine can’t adequately equip me for the Monday morning after school vacation.  My need to get a super healthy breakfast prepared (this morning it was steel cut oats with ground flax, chopped Brazil nuts,chopped walnuts, and blueberries) and consumed by two picky eaters little people.  The need to discuss in great length that costumes are still not proper school attire.  The packing, the dressing, the teeth brushing, the hair doing and the all consuming need for a certain accessory or special bizarre toy friend who must accompany us on our journeys.  The witch hunt for my concealer.  The arsenal of food packed in the cooler, the ginormous amount of gear.  My little guy’s penchant for pooping as soon as we walk out the door.  The mile plus walk to school at a four-year-old’s pace.  The steps backwards to search for and rescue our lost toys.  The toddler temper tantrums provoked by being strapped to a stroller and the desire to do everything the big sister does. 

Here we are this morning! Using the second seat to transport scooters.

I’m well aware that this may sound like a pity party.  It’s not.  I really am blessed to be able to be this present with my little people.  To do it all.  Everyday.  It’s just all sorts of mayhem and chaos with my little forces of nature on school mornings. But we all manage to get out the door, prepared to greet the day ahead of us.

I really really enjoy the breaks when they come.  The ease of a more fluid rhythm always seems to work well for my family.  We have time to really be spontaneous and see where each day takes us.  I have the chance to really watch my kids be partners together, without the demands of schedules.  And Lucia gets to go to Adrian’s classes.  And I get to see her just being a kid, laughing, jumping and popping bubbles.  Doing the types of things that I truly believe four-year-olds should do on  a daily basis. And sadly the types of things that don’t necessarily fit into a universal Pre-K cirriculum.

We had loads of fun last week:

Playing hopscotch.

Drilling through Manhattan’s High Line.
Reading books in bed.

Climbing trees.

Riding in imaginary cars.

Being tourists in our own magnificent city.
Baking superhero cookies.
People watching.
Practicing our breakdancing moves.

Spending time with family.

Riding high.

And I even got one whole day.  By. My. Self.  I went to the gym without having to worry about my little man having meltdowns in the daycare.  I met an old friend (who works in Operas in Berlin!) for a lunch date, in the city.   And all this took place while my kids were having the time of their lives in Franklin Lakes with their grandparents.  It felt good to take a day to do something for myself.  And I was a better mother the next day because of it.

She has magic in her eyes.
He exudes love!

Sometimes we all need to take breaks.  Breaks from school to just be a kid.  Breaks to give back to ourselves and replenish our mama cups.  Breaks to step back to renew our abilities to appreciate each and every moment.


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