The Stories They Love

There is something so special about the books adored by our little ones.  Those first loves – like Goodnight moon, read again and again multiple times a day. Bindings are worn and well-loved, gripped by tiny hands.  Stories I imagine that they will remember forever.

Both of my children have been captivated by the books written by Eric Carle.  My little boy’s current favorite is Papa please get the moon for me.  He brings it to us saying “read to me” and can practically repeat the entire story.

He spends a great deal of time immersed in imaginary play acting out Papa please get the moon for me and The very hungry caterpillar.  He found “the very long ladder” on his red fire truck “and up and up and up” his toys climb.  Until finally they reach the moon.

The repetition. The sweet little voice. The budding creativity.  The little avid reader.  Memories built on children’s stories.

Moments that I will cherish.



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