We are going to a birthday party tomorrow and the girl wanted to make a homemade gift for her friend on her sewing machine (anyone remember Sew Easy from the ’80s?).  I don’t think that her ball gown design was working out quite as well as she planned so I checked out Pinterest for some inspiration.

This pasta dying project was fun and easy and reminded me of one of my most prized pieces of jewelry, a pasta necklace that my little girl made with my mother in law.  She gave it to me in the hospital when I gave birth to her brother.  I’m going to save it forever.

The simple instructions include placing pasta in zip lock bags before squirting in hand sanitizer and then food coloring.  After shaking the bags around for a few seconds the pasta was ready to dry!
Making a pasta necklace and a special card for her friend.  The kiddos also had so much fun playing with the colorful pasta (sometimes sorting and sometimes throwing at each other). 
We also peeled and chopped up broken crayons to create newly recycled insect crayons. We then baked them in the oven at 230° in a silicon mold for about 15 minutes.  Sticking them in the freezer after baking helped with the preschooler’s instant gratification factor. They were ready to pop out within 10 minutes.
The finished project was pretty cool.  I really love including something handmade in gifts (especially when they are child made).  I included the instructions with these trinkets so the birthday girl can make more with her own mama. 

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