The Nutcracker

We had a really fun Sunday evening at the Nutcracker. It left me nostalgic for my own childhood memories of auditioning and performing in the Nutcracker.  And watching it through the eyes of my own daughter was definitely an experience to remember.

The girl was overjoyed to attend the show with her granny and cousins. She spent most of the time bopping around with her cousins, snuggling on her granny’s lap, and dancing in front of her seat.  She was even lucky enough to leave with a Nutcracker of her own – courtesy of her granny.

When the performance was over the girl spotted a ballet dancer in the crowd. She immediately ran over to her and just gazed at her face, too mesmerized to say anything. The dancer gave my little one a rose from her bouquet. She held it in the car the whole way home.

I have a feeling that a lasting impression was made…


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