Message in a bottle

It was one of those incredibly rainy days.  And since pushing a double stroller weighing 28 pounds without anything in it renders holding an umbrella an impossibility, getting completely drenched was inevitable. I was thoroughly soaked and the kids were infuriated with their rain covers. The crank-factor was really really high, to say the least.

I arrived home to a surprise package from one of my dearest friends.  A glittery bottle of OPI’s Gettin’ Miss Piggy with it nail polish, complete with rhinestone-encrusted toe separators.

A “thank you for being a good friend gift”.

A glimpse back to those coveted times spent painting toenails with the greatest of friends. While conversations of crushes and what bar or house party we’d attend on a Tuesday night ran through my head.

Inside this super sparkly bottle were remembrances of enduring friendships and reminders that a fresh coat of magnificent nail polish can turn the gloomiest of days into the most exceptional ones. For both the big and the small.

Love you, Jessica.


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