Granny’s Christmas Skirt repurposed

I found this treasure in one of Granny’s many clothing donation bags. 
I used the material to make a Christmas dress and hair bow for my daughter – and matching shirts for my son and nephew. 
They wore their new outfits today to the girl’s school Holiday party.
The best part about this project was keeping the existing hemline of the skirt, it made the dressmaking easy peasy!
The school party was awesome, with a visit from Santa, presents for all, and 14 little beautiful people singing:        


  1. Mon, how beautiful these are! And, I can't believe Lucia is now 4. It's almost unbelievable. I love Granny's repurposed dress, how special and memorable those creations will be for everyone for years to come. Lots of love to you all.


  1. […] Three years ago, I made Christmas outfits for my daughter, son and nephew using an old skirt that my Mother-In-Law gave me (please excuse the poor quality images! The post was written when my blog was still private, well before my wordpress transfer). […]

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