There’s a lot going on here!

Our little guy turned 17-months-old yesterday and we all love him so much! He’s currently into touching our faces while saying nose, mouth, eyes, and hair. He loves to count but only says the numbers two, six, and thirteen.  His imitations of us are hysterical too! He carries a bag around the house and says “bye-bye Dada”, imitating his dad leaving for work in the morning.  He is so affectionate and often stops when nursing (yup, he’s still at it)  to give me kisses.  He calls his sister “aiya” and enjoys climbing all over her.  I am loving my mornings with him while his sister is at school.  And sometimes these kids get along swimmingly!

The girl’s vocabulary surprises me all the time.  Last week she used the words scepter and amended in the correct context. And last night she let me blow dry her hair for the first time.  She is always rhyming, dancing, and singing and living in her vast imagination.  She is really into having “jobs” and is getting to be quite the little helper. Here she is pushing a pack of water bottles into the kitchen:

We’ve been having a lot of fun on the weekends too!  This past one was spent kicking off our Halloween festivities at the Queens Museum of Art’s Boo Spooktacular:

Rocking her aunt’s vintage Minnie Mouse costume from the ’80s.

Face painting makes everything more fun. Especially when mama gets a twirly stache.

My son kept touching my mustache and saying “all done”.

We also visited the fam:

The special dogs make an appearance again.

Our nephew/cousin is so adorable and so much fun.


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