Leading the way

Yesterday’s rain ruined our playground plans.  Our bag was packed with pails, chalk, and bubbles.  The kidlets were all suited up in their bathing suits and water shoes.  They looked out the window with wide sad eyes. I took out the finger paints, watching the little guy smile as he smeared the paint on paper and then all over his diaper. I put paper bags on the floor and let the girl paint with her toes.  She was thrilled! It was messy and fun.

Our girl had an idea.  A family art project with Mama’s footprints in the middle.  I covered her feet with blue paint and she stomped on the paper.  Then we painted the little guy’s green, imprinting his cute little feet on the paper.  My red footprints were last, in between my two children.

I looked at our artistic collaboration, overwhelmed with the blessings around me.  Our rendering represented a palpable reminder of the tremendous responsibility that I have as “mama.”  A title that I am so very lucky to have.

A reminder that I must choose my own steps so carefully and soundly because two sets of tiny little feet are trailing right behind me.



  1. i might have become semi-obsessed with the marinos after reading all these adorable posts. this is one of my faves!

  2. Oh Thanks so much Tuyen! Love you!


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